Sunday, December 30, 2007

Islam by far the BEST way of life; West is a society of pigs and apes

Muhammad Walae Kourani

Dear readers,

We keep receiving interesting letters from readers, particularly from Muslims, all the time. We are publishing one such letter which you might find interesting and useful in understanding the Muslim mind.

MA Khan, Editor
Just because Islam is by far the BEST way of life any being of flesh and blood can ever ask for, does not mean one must possess abhorrence on such purity. Everyone knows that Islam is the key to eternal bliss, and the disbelievers will reside in hell forever.

If you wish to speak blasphemy, do so, but use evidence that can be believed. You are plain ridiculous and a disgrace to humanity.

The western society and the religion it brought with it is a society of pigs and apes. Therefore, the article you posted about "is porn haram" speaks the truth of YOUR nature, not Islam's teachings. It is the nature of an animal that posses no morality, dignity, integrity, and lacks a sense of honor. Why divulge your ignorance in such a way?

Allah (SWT) will only guide those HE (THE EXALTED) wishes to guide. Pity is what I feel for all the pigs and apes that you (WESTERN civilization) really are. Your porn websites that imitate the actions of animals not humans is evidence to your vulgarity and cheapness within yourselves. Shame is the word that you are assaulted with.

Allah made us humans and elevated us by blessing us with a sense of conscience unlike animals, and you devils chose to degrade yourselves. Just because your nature is evil does not mean you must portray it wherever you feel like it.

You are undergoing a psychological discomfort and are using a defense mechanism to defend your (evil) self by hurting another person or aspect. You can talk all day, but where is that going to get you? You are only piling up your sins. From the kindness of every Muslim's heart comes a wish that May Allah guide you, if there is faith as small as a needlepoint in your heart.

Ayah 34 of Surah Muhammad means: {Those who blaspheme and prevent others from embracing Islam, then die as blasphemers, will not be forgiven by Allah.}

Blasphemy is the opposite of belief, just as darkness is the opposite of light. It is of three types: likening God to the creation (tashbih), contradicting (takdhib), and denying (ta^til).

Comment: I posted this as but one example of posts numbering in the hundreds circulating on the internet interationally-you may not agree with its message; yet we'd better understand this is not an anomaly!

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