Monday, February 25, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Bernard Lewis

Many consider Professor Bernard Lewis of Princeton University the world's leading scholar on Islam. He's well known for his study of the Ottoman Empire and wrote many seminal works on Islam, including "The Crisis of Islam," "What Went Wrong?" and his 1990 article "The Roots of Muslim Rage."His work and influence, however, have spread far beyond the ivory towers of academia. Following "9-11," Lewis's work took on even more significance and gained wider popularity.

Politicians and policy makers have sought out Lewis's advice and counsel. This week Lewis came to Jerusalem to address the Jerusalem Conference.Conference organizers gave CBN News exclusive access to Lewis for this rare on-camera interview.

CBN News plans to broadcast a story on Lewis on the 700 Club in the near future, but we thought you'd enjoy seeing several portions of his interview on Jerusalem Dateline.

I think you'll agree after hearing these segments that Lewis has a critical message the world and the West need to hear today. In this segment, he addresses the way Jerusalem is viewed in the Muslim world.

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