Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Come on boys,"Can't we all just get along?"

Palestinian media report-just released:

Three Fatah leaders 'abducted' in Gaza,
Fatah says

Gaza – Ma'an –Fatah claimed on Monday that Hamas members kidnapped two Fatah leaders, Adil Naji and Ayman Al-Masdar, from their homes in the central Gaza Strip on Monday,

The statement added that Hamas' members abducted the secretary of Fatah youth, organization Mahir Nasman, from Nuseirat refugee camp, also in the Gaza Strip, on Sunday.

Comment: This is behavior of a society one can talk with? Please!Time for the grown ups in the world community to provide some nation building leadership-you are part of the problem and until the world community dismisses this and other behavior, the feeding frenzy will continue-more on this topic soon!

And here is the rest of it.

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