Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kuwaiti journalist appreciates Israel's treatment of prisoners

Fuad Alhashem, a senior journalist at the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Watan, published an article on 21 July favorable to Israel, entitled "Prisoners of War – Ours and Theirs". The article points out that Samir Kuntar was incarcerated in an Israeli prison for 29 years and "they didn't cut off his ears, his hands weren't amputated, and he wasn't raped! He received three meals a day, watched television and read newspapers. He was given the chance to learn Hebrew, studied in the Open University in Israel and received a BA. The pictures published of him when he was released and returned to Lebanon showed him in good health. Now, he can see his mother and enjoy the various restaurants in Beirut, smoke a water pipe and get drunk and shout out loud: 'To the Israelis, who turned out better than Saddam and his party.'"

In his article, Alhashem calls on Hizbullah and Kuntar's relatives to pray to the God that made Israel their neighbor and not Saddam's Iraq. If it had been otherwise, Kuntar would not have returned to his homeland walking on his own two feet and carrying 90 kg. of healthy weight. Instead, his body would have been returned in a little plastic bag – like the Kuwaiti prisoners who were returned from Iraq weighing three kilos each!

Alhashem reminds his readers that Saddam Hussein murdered 600 Kuwaiti POWs after they spent 24 months in prison. They were innocent and didn't spray Iraqi civilians with bullets like Kuntar did to the Israelis. Of course the Kuwaitis were tortured in the Iraqi prisons, ate bread harder than rock and drank polluted water. They were certainly not allowed to study in Iraqi universities, but were taken as a group to the desert, murdered using the Nazi method and buried in mass graves, without a trial and without a public appearance in the media.

Alhashem congratulates his brothers in Lebanon on Kuntar's release and also congratulates them on their proximity to the State of Israel.

At the end of the article, Alhashem reminds his Arab readers that, according to the Jewish calendar, we are currently in the year 5768. In other words, the Jews have believed in God for 4000 years already, long before the Christians and the Muslims.

מח' מידע ואינטרנט – אגף תקשורת


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Kuntar's ability to continue breathing on his own is infuriating.