Friday, December 26, 2008

Security Cabinet decision on global Jihad

Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

The Ministerial Committee on National Security Affairs (the Security Cabinet) this morning (Wednesday), 24 December 2008, held a comprehensive discussion on the issue of Global Jihad and declared 35 Al Qaida- and Taliban-affiliated organizations to be terrorist organizations, vis-a-vis reporting, monitoring and enforcement actions as per the laws against money-laundering and the financing of terrorism. The decision is based on extensive staff work by the National Security Council, and applies to 35 terrorist organizations that are active mainly in Pakistan, Afghanistan and North African countries and which direct their activities against Western elements, and not necessarily against Israel. The decision expands upon existing decisions against active anti-Israel organizations such as Hizbullah and Hamas.

These declarations are a significant measure in the international struggle against the financing of terrorism and are designed to put Israel in line with those Western countries, especially the United States, that are also using economic means in dealing with terrorism and which also assist Israel in locating funds designated for terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

The decision obligates banks and financial institutions to their accounts and financial transactions and report any activity suspected of being related to these organizations to the Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority.

The National Security Council, which is the responsible body, intends to submit additional declarations on foreign individuals and organizations for Security Cabinet approval in the coming months.
Also, in light of developments in the Gaza Strip, ministers received briefings and assessments by various security officials.

עד כאן.

מח' מידע ואינטרנט – אגף תקשורת
25 דצמבר 2008

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