Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama's New Pro-Saudi Spy Chief Has A Few Analytical Hiccups

Guest commentary

It's official - Chas Freeman will be in charge of filtering and evaluating the intel that President Obama sees. He'll be using the same kind of analytic nuance that led him to once declare that "Israel excels at war... it has shown no talent for peace." And in case you didn't know - that little piece of propaganda, per Soccer Dad's winning Council post from a few weeks ago, is bullshit:

I'm not sure how much of this is meant to be Abdullah's voice and how much Friedman's voice, but the term "colonial Israeli settlements" is jarring. I'm sure Abdullah feels that way, but does Freidman also? Anyway this has things exactly backwards. The most important thing is what Abdullah mentions last: the deepening ties of Iran between the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah has been made possible by the Israeli withdrawals from Gaza in 2005 and southern Lebanon in 2000. Those withdrawals, having strengthened the terrorists, emboldened them to threaten Israel ever more seriously until Israel was forced to defend its citizens. And Fatah's decline in Judea and Samaria didn't occur in a vacuum either. It was the result of Operation Defensive Shield, which, like Israel's defensive wars against Hezbollah in 2006 and Hamas last month, was launched to protect Israeli citizens from a terrorist organization that had been given freedom to operate with impunity. Another factor in Fatah's decline was that it was corrupt. Once it was no longer capable of killing Israelis, Palestinians (and the rest of the world) were shocked to learn that most of the foreign aid it had received had gone to Arafat's favored cronies, rather than to building a coutnry. Again, I don't know if the order is supposed to be Abdullah's view alone or Friedman's endorsement of Abdullah's views, but it reveals a dishonest view of recent history.

Guest Comment:I was unaware of the ice storm crisis in Kentucky, which has been ignored by the press and the President. He is so focused on his economic "catastrophe" and foreclosure "crisis" that neither he nor his federal agencies have paid any attention to what is happening to Americans in KY.

And where has the media been with this story? Read about it in the second half of the article.

Also see more about Freeman's anit-Israsel politics by scrolling down at the website:

Of course Freeman is also a huge fan of Abdullah - reportedly referring to him as "Abdullah the Great" - so it makes sense that he'd echo the King's smears. Similarly relevant to Freeman's appointment: the top non-Council post by Judea Pearl, analyzing how Western apologists have allowed pure jihadi evil to become a matter-of-fact bargaining position. Contrast that with the genuine sensitivity displayed in the second-place non-Council post, a letter from an Israeli soldier to a Gaza civilian. Whatever causes people like Freeman to embrace the anti-Israel, pro-Saudi cause - it's something beyond mere poor judgment. Both Council runner up Joshua Pundit and non-Council runner up The Anchoress (there was a tie for second) dealt with the ice storm in Kentucky:

Imagine a disaster where at least a million Americans are without power in the dead of winter, 46 people have died and the president and FEMA are nowhere to be found. You've just described what's been going on in Kentucky for the last five days: Utility crews renewed work in subfreezing temperatures Saturday in their effort to put the power back on for nearly a million customers left in the dark by an ice storm that crippled parts of several states this week... Kentucky has called out its entire national guard in an effort to evacuate people to shelters where they can find some kind of respite from the cold, but in a largely rural state with no help from FEMA and the Feds, they're fighting a losing battle against time and the freezing weather. Conspicuously absent is the press,which lined up shoulder to shoulder to bash the Bush Administration for the way it handled Hurricane Katrina with much less cause. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

I for one welcome the return of competence and compassion to the White House. References and previously after the jump...

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