Monday, April 27, 2009

Torture vs Enhanced Interrogation

Lee Ellis

It is time for all combat veterans from all past wars to explain to our unknowing government officials what actually constitutes torture.We who have served know that America has never used the torture that has been practiced by many other nations and non-uniformed terrorists who represent no one nation or country.

The Bataan Death March of broken, starving and dead bodies was torture. The cutting off of fingers, tongues, ears, or other body parts by Saddam Hussein was torture.

Through the ages of so-called civilization, torture was always defined as interrogation that caused extreme physical pain, generally causing blood to run and or permanent harm to one's body.

This seldom brought out the truth because one would say anything to stop the pain or loss of an extremity.

Enhanced interrogation causes fear, discomfort and even disorientation, but never physical pain or harm to one's body. Medical doctors are always present to make sure of this and such practice must be sanctioned only by the President of the U.S. The use of any one of these methods can cause one to reveal the truth. Hundreds of American lives have been saved as a result of information gained by these non-torture methods. Lest you think that waterboarding is torture, remember that it has been used as a training tool on our own special ops soldiers so they will know not to fear it if captured by enemy forces. It has also been revealed on Fox news that waterboarding has been used in the past as a hazing ritual in some military academies. Several of our generals have been waterboarded. Is the Move On left really trying to say that we have "tortured" our own troops? Also recall that both Republican and Democrat Congressional members on our defense committees were all briefed before any of these enhanced interrogations were carried out. Nancy Pelosi is denying this now, although she admits that they were advised that it could happen. She does seem to have forgotten that the committee members did urge the President to do whatever was necessary to save American lives. Yet the current Obama administration is threatening to punish those who advised President Bush, while at the same time, President Obama released to the world and our terrorist enemies all the CIA memos detailing what we have been willing to do to glean future information from terrorist captors from the battle fields.

So why the furor over all of this after 9/11 when terrorists killed or maimed over 3,000 innocent American men, women and children in New York City? This was a scar of true evil carved into the American spirit. Our government acted accordingly to do what was necessary to stop future attacks on our people, especially when shopping malls, schools, arenas or airports could be possible targets of wanton terror affecting innocents across our nation.

Most of us who believe in our Republic and its Constitution think that this furor or controversy has been created by just one thing: clever propaganda. It has been spread by our far left enemies here in the U.S. Yes, moles have infiltrated our political parties, many media outlets and web sites on the internet to woo our youth - to create \hegemony in our political system. As we look at our leftist-dominated current federal government, it would seem that the hegemony has already been accomplished as we see our Constitution being shredded and our rights as individuals being trampled upon by an unstoppable force composed of inexperienced, naïve people who have been appointed or elected to serve us.

This was started decades ago with the resultant lowering of all standards, especially of education. An uninformed public is ready to believe anything told them, as proved by Joseph Goebbels, a former journalist who became Propaganda Chief for Adolf Hitler. In this position, he perfected the "Big Lie" technique of propaganda, which is based on the principle that a lie, if audacious enough and repeated enough times, will be believed by the masses.

Start thinking now how often you have heard that America tortures, Bush lied, Global Warming will destroy the earth, and 47 million are uninsured or out of work.

I prefer to believe President Reagan, who told us that government is the problem, not the solution.

This administration seems to want to destroy our economy by raising taxes on small businesses, forcing them to lay off employees; increasing taxes on large corporations, encouraging them to relocate to other countries that offer lower taxes. The current administration can also ruin our Republic by appointing leftist judges and Supreme Court Justices who will use foreign laws instead of our Constitution, also by aiding and abetting our enemies by feeding them our defense secrets. Finally, we must beware of our inexperienced leader, who has managed nothing in his lifetime, and who seems bent on making America the laughing stock of the world. Contributing Editor Lee Ellis is a retired journalist, narrator, and formerly a Vice President with both CBS and Gannett (USA Weekend). He can be contacted at

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