Sunday, July 26, 2009

No such thing as sanctions vs. Iran:Germany cooperating

TEHRAN, July 24 (MNA) – Germany’s Coperion Company will cooperate in the second development phase of Iran's Rejal Petrochemical Complex after signing a contract to be scheduled in the near future. According to the Mehr New Agency, the contract will include providing the necessary equipment, installing, and commissioning related facilities.

The value of the contract has not been revealed.

The second development phase is projected to double the current annual production capacity of the complex to 160,000 tons by 2011, meeting the domestic market''s need to propylene-based products fully.

Rejal Petrochemical Complex became operational in 2001 in Bandar Imam Special Economic and Petrochemical Zone in the southern city of Mahshahr.



Comment: As this blog has demonstrated these past several days multiple Western and non-Western countries continue to do business with Iran. The leaders of the West, especially President Obama have been misrepresenting the entire sanctions concept to the public. In order for sanctions to work there must be cooperation at least among the Western countries-this clearly is not occurring. The US government should publish a daily report of specific business deals, naming the companies continuing to engage in business activity with Iran. furthermore, the US government should also explain to its people what it is doing to stop this from occurring-in other words tell the truth. At this moment in time we have a government firmly opposed to militarily taking action to stop Iran from attaining nuclear weapon status AND having no successin obtaining the cooperation of our "friends". Isn't the Obama era one of renewed respect of the US by international players? Does not Obama have the gravitas to ensure cooperation among our Western allies?

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