Friday, March 26, 2010

The Czechoslovakization of Israel by Obama

Jerry Gordon

Given the unfolding drama of the conflict between Washington under President Obama and Israeli PM Netanyahu these past two weeks there appears to be a yawning and dangerous cognitive disconnect. It is reflected in the opposing views on the Israel Arab conflict of the Obama White House National Security team, including senior levels in the Pentagon, the Congress and those of the American people. The Obama Administration. given statements by Vice President Biden, senior political councilor, David Axelrod, Secretary of Statement Clinton, CENTCOM commander Gen. Petraeus (note his speech at St. Anselm's College in New Hampshire today and his upcoming Irving Kristol address) compounds the isolation of Israel represented by the views of leading National Security Council staff and consultants, our State Department, the Brown UK government , Catherine Ashton the External Relations Commissioner of the EU, and The Quartet, notwithstanding former British PM Tony Blair's brilliant speech at AIPAC, yesterday. It is part and parcel of appeasement by the Obama Administration through its outreach to the Muslim ummah given the supremacist agenda of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), lead by Saudi Arabia to establish a world Caliphate ruled by a strong Emir under Sharia. The agenda includes taking back the Waqf- the lands including present day Israel, Spain the Balkans and even Central Europe conquered in the successive waves of Jihad that erupted 1400 years ago out of the Arabian peninsula.

As Bat Ye'or has noted, under Islamic doctrine the entire world is held in trust by Allah in perpetuity for the Muslim ummah. Melanie Phillips correctly observed in her Spectator blog post yesterday, “Israel as Czechoslovakia” that it could be eerily akin to what happened to Czechoslovakia at Munich in September, 1938. The Munich agreement that led to the dismemberment of the Czech Republic when subsequently Nazi forces marched into Prague in March, 1939- a prelude to WWII and the Holocaust or Shoah. Phillips noted the outrage in diplomatic circles when former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that” Israel would not play the role of Czechoslovakia in the thirties.”

Opinion polls in this country reflect overwhelming support for Israel generally- more than 63% in a recent Gallup poll. A recent poll commissioned by The Israel Project revealed that Americans would support Israel by a margin of 8 to 1 should a conflict erupt between Israel and its Arab neighbors, including the Palestinians. However, the Obama White House. appears indifferent to public sentiments. We have a President with a mixed Muslim Christian background who is endeavoring to perfect his role as the interlocutor between these opposite world views, the former intent on overwhelming and replacing Judeo Christian values inherent in our US Constitution with Sharia-Islamic law and Jihad. Israel stands in the way of Obama achieving comity with a rejectionist Muslim world order.

As evidence of this emerging prospect, consider the following:

· Samantha Powers, formerly at the Harvard Kennedy School and on the NSC senior staff has castigated Israel for war crimes (Jenin 2002) and argued for use of multilateral forces to enforce unilateral peace agreements in Palestinian territories;

· Susan Rice, US UN Ambassador has also been a proponent of multilateral humanitarian force and a global nuclear non proliferation treaty that would force inspection of Israel's nuclear arsenal with continuing the fiction of engagement with the Iranian Islamic Republic over nuclear enrichment;

· Secretary of State Clinton's castigation of Israeli PM Netanyahu for building apartment blocks in Jewish Jerusalem while "crippling sanctions", directed against the Iranian Islamic Republic annihilationist and passed in legislation by Congress languish. Meanwhile the Obama Administration pursues fruitless UN Security Council sanctions that Russia and China undermine for geo-political resource reasons;

· Gen James L. Jones, NSC advisor to Obama had previously been involved in supervising Palestinian security force training as Middle East security adviser to former Bush Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice after jhis retirement from the Marine Crops in 2006.. Prior to that he had tours during the Bosnian Conlift and as SAC/EUR he oversaw NATO forces engaged in the Balkans. Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton his successor as US Security coordinator involved in creating a Palestinian gendarmerie force of five batt;aions of 500 men at facilities in Amman, Jordan, may have produced potential Fatah al Aksa Brigade and even Hamas cadres for possible action against IDF security forces and Jewish settlements on the West Bank and Jerusalem. Jones is in line with Other US Generals, Like Marine General Anthony Zinni , a former CENTCOM commander, who evinced an anti-Israel position on security and occupation issues in the Palestinian territories. Many of these General officers were products of the Bosnia Kosovo regional conflicts under the Clinton Administration that eventuated in the establishment of two Islamic republics in the Balkans supported by both Saudi and Iranian funding;

· Gen Petraeus' briefings to CJC Adm. Mullin and his Senate Armed Services Committee testimony suggesting that the Arab-Israel conflict produces untoward US force casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan a predicate for the Powers multilateral 'humanitarian force' doctrine reflected in his request to expand the territories under his CENTCOM jurisdiction to include Israel and the West Bank; {Petraeus distanced himself from this conclusion-das}

· EU External Relations Ashton's recent trip to Gaza was aimed at supporting the maligned Goldstone report's allegations about IDF human rights violations in Operation Cast Lead leading to possible sanctions against the Jewish State;

· US Secretary of Defense Gates cancellation of the F-22 Raptor production requested by Israel, Australia and Japan, delays in F-35 production and alleged diversion of promised bunker buster bombs from Israel to US bases on the British island of Diego Rivera in the Indian Ocean deprive Israel of the conventional weaponry and delivery systems to undertake a military option against Iran's nuclear facilities;

· Obama policy Advisor, former Carter Administration National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski holds views suggesting attacking Israeli aircraft and missiles in any possible unilateral action against Iranian nuclear weapons development targets, coupled with views about a Mutual Assured Deterrent US strategy should the Islamic Republic develop nuclear weapons. Let us not forget that Brzezinski and Carter abetted the Islamic Revolutionary and forced the capitulation of the Shah of Iran that lead to the US embassy crisis in Tehran in 1979 that ended 444 days later on the eve of the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan Moreover, during the carter Administration ,as documented in Steve Coll’s book, Ghost Wars, Brezezinski kick started the covert war against the Soviet-backed regime in Afghanistan with the aid of Islamic governments, notably Pakistan and Saudi Arabia;

· UK Foreign minister David Miliband, son of "Jewish immigrants" expulsion of an Israeli diplomat for alleged forgery of purloined UK Passports from Israeli Olim from Britain in connection with the alleged Dubai assassination of Mahmoud al Mabhouh, Hamas military leader engaged in Iranian weapons shipments to Gaza ,further enflames EU and British Commonwealth isolation of Israel as a rogue pariah state;

· Rumored Obama Administration support for a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian State reverting to the pre-1967 June wars 1949 Armistice Line should 'proximity talks' led by US Special Envoy Former Sen. Mitchell result in a stalemate. This is akin to the Kosovo unilateral declaration of indepedence recognized by NATO, the US and the EU, but Russia during the final year of the Bush Administration that established a second Islamic state in the Balkans (Bosnia being the first).

· Obama Administration support for the Saudi peace plan amplified by megaphones like New York Times pundit, Thomas Friedman, Harvard Kennedy School Professor Stephen M. Walt and others in the academic policy wonk community and media (Foreign Policy, that support a Palestinian unilateral declaration reverting to the Auschwitz line, compensation and/or repatriation of the descendents of Arab refugees who fled during War for Independence at the behest of the Arab Higher Committee.

The American and Israeli people no longer trust the Obama White House to provide the security means for Israel to defend itself. Czechoslovakia in the summer of 1938 which had extensive fortifications in the Sudetenland and the most modern motorized military force in Central Europe opposing the Nazi onslaught, was dismembered at Munich abetted by British and French appeasement to 'achieve peace in our times' with Hitler and Mussolini.

It would be ironic for Israel, America's best ally in the Middle East, for the Obama White House to eerily sacrifice Israel to mollify the totalitarian Jihadist doctrine of Islam so admired by Hitler whose Nazi forces murdered six million European Jewish men, women and children during the Shoah. PM Netanyahu the body polity of virtually all Israelis, many US Members of Congress and most Americans are united in stopping another prospective Shoah by a nuclear armed annihilationist Iran. before it occurs in our time. What the Obama Administration with its appeasement of the world caliphate order of the OIC and engagement of apocalyptic Jihadist Iran contradicts this special relationship between allies... The relentless pursuit by the Obama Administration of such policies in the Middle East and outreach to the Muslim ummah endangers and contradicts the Judeo Christian values of liberty and freedom that. are the foundational precepts of Israel, America and many western democratic nations.

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