Wednesday, July 28, 2010

David Cameron is wrong about the Gaza blockade

Con Coughlin

Sorry Prime Minister, but you are making a big mistake with your misguided attempt to display your politically correct credentials over the Gaza blockade in Turkey. The situation of the Palestinians in Gaza might be dire, but it is wrong to heap all the blame on Israel for their predicament, as you did in your press conference in Ankara today. The real culprit is the militant Palestinian group Hamas which, having seized control of Gaza through force of arms, has persisted with its policy of campaigning for the destruction of the State of Israel.

The constant barrage of missiles that Hamas fires at Israeli civilian neighbourhoods whenever it gets the opportunity to do so gives the Israelis no alternative other than to enforce a blockade that ensures the flow of military supplies to Hamas is restricted.

If Mr Cameron really wants to make a valuable contribution to the Middle East, he would be better advised to call on Hamas to recognise Israel’s right to exist, and stop firing its rockets at Israeli civilians.

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