Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dearborn Islamist Political Machine and Pastor Terry Jones

Alan Kornman

The non-violent actions of Terry Jones are being claimed as the cause for the threat of violence by Dearborn Michigan’s Islamist political machine. This is a clever lie. Terry Jones’ trial in Dearborn illustrates how the Dearborn Islamist community tried to blame Terry Jones for their illegal threats and potentially violent behavior. The Dearborn Chief of Police, Ron Haddad and Prosecutor Kym Worthy, did the bidding of the Islamist majority in that city, by enforcing Islamic Blasphemy laws, and negating Terry Jones’ and Wayne Sapp’s Constitutional First Amendment rights. Jones is the victim of a direct assault on his First Amendment right to free speech by a municipality that is 46% Muslim. The Dearborn Islamist political machine should itself be on trial, for using the threat of violence to achieve a political end, by silencing Pastor Terry Jones and Rev. Wayne Sapp. During cross examination at the Pastor Terry Jones trial on April 23, 2011, Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad testified that Imam Al-Qazwini of the Islamic Center of America said, “that for some members of his Mosque, burning the Quran was considered a crime.” Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Moran, stated at the trial that Al-Qazwini said, “burning the Qur’an is worse than 1000 deaths. That’s what the citizens of this society believe.”

Robert Spencer writes,

“Liaquat Ali Khan teaches commercial law, arbitration and international law at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. He argues that Muslims should petition Congress to outlaw the burning of the Qur'an because doing so incites violence -- in contrast to the burning of the American flag, which, he says, the Supreme Court declined to outlaw because "no disturbance of the peace actually occurred or threatened to occur."

Pastor Terry Jones, according to court testimony, received 300-400 death threats related to his scheduled protest in front of the Islamic Center of America. Four of those death threats originated from the Detroit area and one of those four was traced by law enforcement officials to the South End of Dearborn Michigan. These death threats were ignored as an important element of this story, as reported by the mainstream press.

The only threats of violence were from the Islamist community. During cross examination by Rev. Wayne Sapp, Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad begrudgingly testified, that Pastor Terry Jones gave him no indication they were going to burn a Qur’an or do anything provocative or violent. Court records indicate Jones testified his intention was not to protest the Mosque but to protest Jihad and Shariah (Islamic Law).

Who is really guilty of inciting violence, the Muslim community with their threats, or Pastor Jones, by his actions? Because it would be self defeating, I do not endorse the burning or desecration of the Qur’an. There are enough incriminating revelations from Allah himself in the Qur’an if anyone opens the book and reads the text.

Pastor Jones burned a book that was his own property. Jones, to my knowledge, has never threatened or harmed anyone. According to court testimony, Jones has a clean record and passed a government security check to obtain his concealed weapons permit. The First Amendment guarantees Jones freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble. How the Dearborn community responds is the sole responsibility of the community and government officials.

How individuals react to someone exercising their free speech falls squarely on the individual’s shoulders, regardless of race, religion, sex, creed, or national origin. Each person must take responsibility for their actions, according to the law in the USA. Al -Qazwini states Jones’ burning the Qur’an is considered a “crime” by some in his community. During court testimony Police Chief Haddad said he denied Jones’ permit for fear Muslim violence would occur. Chief Haddad came to that conclusion through discussions with Al-Qazwini and upon learning of the 300+ death threats against Terry Jones.

Liquat Ali Khan got it right when he implied that if you want to stop an offensive action, just threaten violence.

Dearborn Police Chief Haddad, Wayne County Prosecutor Moran, and Judge Somers’ responses to the Islamist communities’ threats of violence, violated Jones’ first Amendment Rights. Al-Qazwini said that what Terry Jones is doing is a crime in “our society.” Good Islamists are duty-bound to avenge a crime against Shariah Islam. Al-Qazwini accused Pastor Jones of committing a “crime” against Shariah Islamia. Judge Somers chose to acquiesce and in doing so failed to uphold American laws, which are the Supreme Law of the Land, not Shariah. The judge also failed to acknowledge the Dearborn Muslim communities’ responsibility to observe American law.

The crime Al-Qazwini was referring to is blasphemy. The Dearborn Islamists claimed to be defending insults against Muhammad and Allah, by Terry Jones. They also believed he might continue to do so in the future. The Imam or Sheikh is the supreme leader of the community in matters both civil and religious. Most all good Muslims will blindly follow their Imams’ directives to remain in good standing. The individual Muslim is under great pressure to conform or unthinkably lose their honor and standing in the eyes of their family and community.

J.Mark Campbell filmed a juror who stated that the jury reached their guilty verdict by concluding that Jones’ protest, if allowed, could possibly be the spark that would ignite Dearborn’s Muslim community to violence or riot. The juror who said this was in violation of Judge Somers deliberation instructions.

Juror instructions by Judge Somers:

“Non violent expression of an unpopular or unwelcome political or religious belief, by itself, is not enough to find a Breach Of The Peace. Even if the expression of that belief causes someone else to react with anger or alarm.”

Judge Somers should have thrown out this case from the beginning. Judge Somers, Police Chief Haddad, Asst. Prosecutor Moran, Prosecutor Kym Worthy, should all be fired for violating their oaths of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp knowingly or unknowingly exposed how far the city of Dearborn will go, to advocate on behalf of their Muslim majority. They did so by enforcing Shariah blasphemy laws because of fear, intimidation, and threats of violence. Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp challenged the Islamist machine in Dearborn, exposing how we must stand up against threats of violence to prevent a Shariah compliant outcome. Our Freedom of Speech is too precious and fragile to be disregarded and shredded by the Dearborn Islamist Political Machine.

The Thomas More Law Center is defending the First Amendment rights of Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp. The mainstream media and general public must demand that Islamists in Dearborn are held accountable for their threats of violence and riot. The strategic use of threatening violence by the Dearborn Islamist Political Machine to achieve a Shariah compliant political end, is the conversation we will have as this case moves forward.

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