Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

Family Security

U.S. Resumes Official Contacts with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

Questions Asked about the Muslim Brotherhood in North America

Hamas Leader in the U.K. Identified as Gaza Flotilla Coordinator

Projects Started by Saudi Prince Subvert Freedom and Democracy

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Extending its Reach

Recommended Reading: "A Talk with Former Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Dr. Kamal al- Hilbawi"

The Muslim Brotherhood Marches On...anada Suspends Libyan Charity over Terrorist Financing

Muslim Brotherhood Makes Bid to Turn Egypt into Islamist State

Muslim Brotherhood Cleric: U.S. "Terrorism" Worse Than Bin Laden's

Muslim Brotherhood Reactions to Bin Laden Death

Eric Holder Defends Decision to Not Prosecute CAIR Leader

2011 Gaza Flotilla Delayed While Its Scale is Expanded

Tunisian Islamist is Star Guest in French Brotherhood Meeting

Muslim Brotherhood Wants Sharia Law in Egypt

Brotherhood Getting to Libyan Refugees, Demanding Talks With U.S.

2011 U.S.-Islamic World Forum Held in The U.S.

British Officials Hold Meeting With Muslim Brotherhood Leaders

American Muslim Group Expands Mosque-Synagogue Twinning to Latin America

Qaradawi Savages Turkey for not Supporting Libyan Rebels

Global Muslim Brotherhood Update: April 7, 2011

More Global Muslim Brotherhood Updates

UK Muslim Brotherhood Coalition to Participate in Next Gaza Flotilla

Muslim Brotherhood Activities in Yemen, Malaysia, Egypt, Libya and Bosnia

Israeli Muslim Brotherhood Leader Arrested On Arson Charges

Muslim Brotherhood's MidEast Meddling and Machinations

Global Muslim Brotherhood Updates

Muslim Brotherhood Making Political Gains in Egypt and Jordan

Muslim Brotherhood Involved in Middle East Revolutions

Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Exile Calls for National Unity Government

Anti-Semitism Goes Viral

CAIR Leader Says “We Are the First Defenders of the Constitution”

Former U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Figure Praises Deaths of Israelis in Forest Fires

Top Swedish Imam Condemns Stockholm Bombing:

Muslim Group Has Trained 2,200 TSA Officers

Introducing Global Islamism Watch

Senior Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Attends FIOE Family Camp in Denmark

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Threats Against Christians

UK Think Tank Wins Libel Action Brought By British Mosque

British "Global Peace & Unity" Event Featured Items Glorifying Terror

Former British Intelligence Agent Praises Islam (Again)

New U.S. Homeland Advisor Heads Group With Brotherhood Ties

Viva Palestina Convoy Arrives in Gaza

White House Muslim Adviser to Run Abu Dhabi Gallup Center

China: Political Adviser Supports Islamist Group

Hamas Leader Says No Recognition of Israel

Muslim Brotherhood Group Calls Jews a “Fifth Column”

American Islamic College Reopens:

IIRO Tries to Clear its Name

American Muslim Brotherhood Supports Ground Zero Mosque

America’s OIC Special Envoy to Attend Muslim Brotherhood Conference

Pope Meets Head of Islamist Group, The Muslim Council of Britain

European Union Court Overturns Freezing of Hamas Supporters’ Assets

Tariq Ramadan to Give Keynote Address at CAIR Banquet

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Comments on Ground Zero Mosque

Extremist Background of U.S. Islamic College’s Leaders

US Muslim Brotherhood to Form Another Coalition

Scottish Islamist Linked to Feisal Rauf of Ground Zero Mosque

Mali, where CAIR Executive Visited, Hosts Islamists’ Summit

MAS, US Muslim Brotherhood Group, Supports Ground Zero Mosque

America Blamed for Closure of Muslim Brotherhood Facebook Site

European Muslim Brotherhood Support for Ground Zero Mosque

Canada: Islamists To Hold Huge Conference

Muslim World League Conference Condemns Israel

NYT Confused Over MB Terrorism Stance

CAIR Condemns ADL Ground Zero Mosque Comments

The Islamic Movement in Israel Switches Focus

Islamists At Boy Scout Jamboree

Viva Palestina Announces A New Gaza Convoy

State Dept Sends CAIR Official To Mali. Why?

California Mosque Imam Linked to Muslim Brotherhood?

Anti-Semitic Islamist Bigots Bite Back

Former Nuke Inspector Defends Muslim Brotherhood

CAIR Joins NAACP To Target Tea Party Movement

Anti-Semitic Journalist Condemns Jewish “Islamophobia”

Iranian Muslim Brotherhood Leader In Denial?

Women’s Flotilla Ship to Sail to Gaza

Muslim Brotherhood Supports Staten Island, Ground Zero Mosques

Trustees of UK Muslim Charity Seek UN Help With Gaza Convoy

US Muslim Group Angry At Ruling On Terror Funding

Zakir Naik: International Preacher of Islamist Hate

New UK Muslim Leader is Trustee of Hamas-Supporting Charity

Tariq Ramadan Addresses Group with US Muslim Brotherhood Links

Hamas Cleric Says Islam Will Fight Jews and Crusaders Until End of Time

MSA National Condemns Suspension of Muslim Student Union

George Galloway Announces Plans For Next Gaza Flotilla

Washington Students Taken to Qatar by Organization Linked To Leading Islamist

Former British Spy’s Organization Promotes “Islamist Feminism”

NY Neighborhoods Oppose New MAS Mosques

FBI Assistant Director Meets With MPAC

European Muslim Brotherhood Reacts To Flotilla Incident

US Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Israel For Offshore “Massacre”

Gaza Flotilla Organizer Was Part of Dutch Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood Network

Global Muslim Brotherhood Heavily Represented on Gaza Flotilla

Central Council of Muslims in Germany Pulls Out of Government Sponsored Integration Effort

Ukrainian Muslim Brotherhood Indoctrinates New Muslims over Al-Aqsa Mosque

New Kansas City Islamic Umbrella Group Addressed By US Muslim Brotherhood Leader

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Warns Against ‘Islamophobia’ In Times Square Plot

Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood Leader Fights Proposed Law Banning Child Brides

Exclusive Report: Dutch Muslim Brotherhood To Co-Sponsor Conference With Global Muslim Brotherhood Organization

Austrian Muslim Brotherhood Youth Organization Members in Spanish Mosque Altercation

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Panel Discussion with Germans and Americans; Spent Week In D.C.

Exclusive: CORRECTION: Hamas Members Not Removed by U.S. from Terror List

Exclusive: Israeli Media Says U.S. Removed All But One Hamas Member from International Terror List

Exclusive: U.S. State Department Lifts Ban on Muslim Brotherhood Figure Tariq Ramadan

Exclusive: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Reportedly Selects New Leader

Exclusive:Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood Leader Warns Against ‘Foreign Occupation’

Meet Our Decorated Heroes: God Bless Them!

Exclusive: Prince of Wales to be Featured Speaker at Islamic Relief Celebration

Exclusive: Georgetown Academic Joins U.S. Brotherhood in Accusations of Media ‘Double Standards’

Exclusive: U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Leader Chastises West Over Fort Hood Shooting Reaction

Exclusive: U.S. Terror Suspect is Son of Local Muslim American Society Leader

Exclusive: Hamas Enforces Islamic Dress Code in Gaza

Exclusive: CAIR 15th Annual Banquet Replaces Obama Faith Advisor with Controversial Imam

Exclusive: Grand Mufti of Bosnia Speaks in St. Louis

Exclusive: Hamas Spiritual Leaders: Teaching the Holocaust to Palestinian Students a ‘War Crime’

Exclusive: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Says Hamas is an ‘Independent Entity’

Exclusive: Yale Selects Daughter of Global Muslim Brotherhood Leader as 2009 Fellow

Exclusive: Obama Outreach to Pakistani Jamaat-e-Islami

Exclusive: European Imams and Rabbis to Meet with U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Groups

Exclusive: Egyptian Cleric Acknowledges Spread of Global Muslim Brotherhood

Exclusive: Researchers Dubious that Islamic Saudi Academy Curriculum Problems Solved

New U.S. Representative Likely To Continue Muslim Brotherhood Networking

Muslim American Society President Loses Virginia Primary Election

Bosnian Grand Mufti Compares Iranian and French Revolutions

European Jewish Organizations Boycott EU Meeting Over Inclusion of European Muslim Brotherhood

Islamic Scholar Calls for Review of Global Financial System; Wants U.S. Role Reduced

New Obama Administration Muslim Appointee Echoes Muslim Brotherhood Positions

FBI to Avoid Partnerships with CAIR

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Leader Lectures to European Muslim Brotherhood Camp

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Announces Expanded ‘Coalition’

Former U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Leader Meets with Pakistani Islamist in Beirut

UK Group Defines Jihad as ‘Armed Resistance’

Esposito Protégé Appointed To Obama Advisory Council

Hillary Clinton to Give Keynote at CSID, Muslim Brotherhood Leader Also To Be In Attendance

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Coalition Praises Obama Speech to Turkish Parliament

Analysts Debate Successor to Egyptian Supreme Guide

President Obama, the Alliance of Civilizations and the Return of John Esposito

French Jews End Dialogue with French Muslim Brotherhood

CAIR Charges U.S. Congressman with Seeking Political Payback over Letter to FBI

Afghan Gov’t Seeks U.S. Support for Negotiations with Former Mujahedeen Tied to Muslim Bro’hood

Muslim Council of Britain Leader Facing Calls for Resignation over Gaza Statement

U.S.-Islamic World Forum Includes Global Muslim Brotherhood Leaders; U.S. President Admired

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Leader Seeks Virginia House Seat

Bridges TV Had Ties to Both U.S. Muslim Brotherhood And U.S. Government

ISNA Responds to Wife Beheading by U.S. Muslim Leader

New U.S. Office of Muslim Brotherhood News Portal Interviews U.S. Congresswoman

Global Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Extol Jihad in Gaza

Egyptian Cleric Tied to Global Muslim Brotherhood Praises Hamas and Violent Jihad

U.S. Army War College Professor Says Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas are Moderates

Will Obama comply with demands from the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood coalition?

Global Brotherhood Frames Israel Actions as "War on Gaza," Nazi Theme Frequently Employed

Global Muslim Brotherhood Reacts to Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza – Part Two

Global Muslim Brotherhood Reaction to Israeli Airstrikes in Gaza

Georgetown Academic Unaware of Global Muslim Brotherhood Key Facts

Minnesota School Tied to Muslim Brotherhood Fights Ordered Changes

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