Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The United States, a Hijacked Country

By Nurit Greenger

The United States of America has been hijacked by Barack Hussein Obama; he has turned to be a president who is anti-America; he is a profound liar, lacks manners and humility and a narcissist; an opportunist who is feckless, lazy and indecisive, who lacks leadership, is a cowardice, naïve, and delusional. Obama is totally inept for the job, as the president of this country. This man promised to make a change and he has been doing just that, changing all that America stands for. Obama's millions of victims are those who elected him who are suffering from the Stockholm syndrome and star gazing disease; they see Obama a rising star. Obama's supporters lack nationalism, patriotism, the pride in their country as well as the knowledge of what the constitution of their country stands for. They also do not know what their country stood for, until Obama took office. Obama and his supporters want to see the destruction of America. Unless we stop them, they are well on their way to push this country off the cliff.

Obama is the blame everyone else president. He blames all that has gone or is going wrong on others and he will fast take credit for all that goes right, whether he has done the right thing or has not. Obama scapegoats the American people; he makes them bear the blame and suffer for others.

Obama is the disgracing America president. He has the propensity to apologize for everything. Obama's ongoing apologies stands as a metaphor; it is like when a waiter in a restaurant pours hot coffee all over a guest, and while the gust is aching with burns pain, he turns around and apologizes to the waiter for his clumsiness.

Obama's latest shameful, apologetic behavior was his apology to the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai and the Afghan people, for American troops burning Qur'an books; he deliberately left out that the only ones who, in fact, desecrated the Qur'an books, bought by American tax payers' money, were extremist Moslems, who were writing and passing message in their holy books, which they are not suppose to do, as this dictate is written in the Qur'an itself. In his kowtowing to evil in the world, Obama has not demanded an apology from the Afghans for killing American troops, who are fighting a war, with the stated goal of dismantling the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and ending its use of Afghanistan as their base.

Obama also has omitted the importance of the United States' goal, which is to remove the extremist Taliban regime from Afghanistan and create a viable democratic state instead. A decade into the war, that began on October 7, 2001, the U.S. still continues to battle a widespread Taliban insurgency and the war has now expanded into the Tribal areas of neighboring Pakistan, with no end in sight.

Obama has supported the "Arab Spring" that has turned into radical Moslem gathering storm that will destabilize the entire world.

Obama is the appeasing the environmentalists president; in time when the United States' dependency on foreign oil, from non-friendly Moslem oil producing countries, is greatly threatened and the cost of gas is at a new height, instead of allowing drilling for fossil fuel on American soil, Obama is appeasing his environmentalists supporters, thus making the US much more dependent on its enemy's oil supply.

Obama is the cowardice president. He is terrified to show the world Americas' might. The worst case is with Iran. His fear for their reaction, should he put his foot down with the Iranian regime that is pursuing to produce nuclear weapons, has left Iran hands totally free to continue developing nuclear weapons with which they will threaten every American and the entire world's security.

Iran is at war with the USA and Israel and their intent is clear. They want to expand their autocracy and expand their Moslem caliphate, the domination of Islam all over the world. Obama needs to make sure that Iran will not be permitted to have nuclear weapons, however, he has been scared to take the right and effective actions to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Islam is at war with the entire free world and that includes Iran. For the past ten years, large percentage of the people who believe in the Qur'an have radicalized. It is estimated that there are over 100 million radical Moslems in the world, ready to cause terror and mayhem all over. They are ready to use the Qur'an to justify evil and murder around the world. It is mainstream Moslems who have radicalized and are radicalizing, and moderate Moslems, who are very few and far between, are afraid to speak up.

Islamic supremacist ideology is on the rise among mainstream Moslems. It is Moslem neighbor against other Moslem neighbor.

The time has come to recognize that mainstream Islam has declared a war on the West and it is time be begin defending ourselves.

Since Obama took office he has denigrated the United States. His claim to fame is that the US does not possess exceptionality. Obama has become the official Denigrator in Chief.

Obama has bowed to Islam time and time again; in the Middle East, where Moslems only understand strength and heavy hand, bowing means submission and weakness and brings about lack of respect and denigration. Since Islam declared a war on the West, they see the west a weak enemy they can win against.

The United States has been a force of good around the world and Obama has shaken the roots of this force, thus have put doubt in many that the US no longer stands for good against evil.

So far Obama has done nothing right; he has been systematically destroying the American society's fiber and taking the country in the wrong direction.

I, for one, do not respect a meek president and that is what Obama is, a submissive president.

I, for one, want the United States to have a president who will lead with strength and confidence, traits Obama totally lacks.

I, for one, want the United States president to make it clear to our enemy that if they mess with us they will suffer hash consequences.

This is an elections year. When participating in election every American has the opportunity to cause America to get back on the right track, the track it has fallen off because of Obama's lack of leadership.

With the possibility of Obama being at the helm of the US for four more years, no American should be fooled and no American should expect for things to change for the better, at home and around the world.

With the defeatist attitude that Obama posses and his total oblivion to reality, the United States is now dwindling from a steep cliff.

Even the stock market will suffer greatly, because people will be getting rid of their dollars to buy something else that may retain a better value, the value the dollar is fast losing.

The American voters will be tested this year; they must elect a veritable leader, or else!

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