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This is what Hamas calls a "ceasefire"...


06/23/2012 08:16

Rocket causes moderate-to-severe injuries to Sha'ar HaNagev man, sends others into shock; 15 more rockets fired into southern Israel; Palestinians say 1 killed, between 17 and 21 wounded in IAF airstrikes.

Rockets fired from gaza Photo: Nikola Solic / Reuters
Palestinian fired a rocket into southern Israel Friday morning, injuring a man in the Sha'ar HaNegev area and causing a number of others to suffer shock symptoms.

The injured man, approximately 50-years-old was rushed to Barzilai Medical Center with moderate-to-severe injuries after being struck by shrapnel in the neck and stomach. The man was fully conscious.
Fifteen rockets were fired into southern Israel in the early hours of Saturday morning, according to Army Radio, in continuation of a barrage of rockets fired into the region over the weekend.

The violence all but erases diplomatic progress made in the form of an informal ceasefire brokered by Egypt on June 20, which brought two days of relative quiet to southern Israel.

Earlier Saturday morning, the Israel Air Force struck three Palestinian terror bases in the Gaza Strip in response to continued Palestinians rocket firing into Israel. Palestinian media reported that between 17 and 21 people were wounded in the strike - the third of its kind since Friday, which according to the reports have also resulted in the death of at least one terrorist.

The IDF Spokesman's Unit stated that aircraft registered direct hits on the three targets - two of which are in northern Gaza and one of which is in the South.

Just prior to the attack, Palestinians fired a rocket into Israel, which landed in the Eshkol Regional Council area, failing to cause damage or injury.

Late Friday, the IAF initiated two forays into the coastal territory in response to rocket fire. The first strike targeted a terror cell preparing to launch a rocket at Israel, killing one member of a pro al-Qaida fringe Salafist Islamist group and wounding two others at the al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza. The Palestinians had originally reported that the man was a member of the Popular Resistance Committees, a terrorist group that is often involved in rocket shooting into Israel.

Following the IAF strike on the cell, terrorists fired five rockets into Israel over the span of two hours on Friday night. No injuries or damage were reported in the attacks. Three rockets landed in the Eshkol Regional Council area and another landed in the Sdot Hegev Regional Council area. The fifth rocket, fired at the Ashkelon Coast Council area, prompted the IAF's second strike of the night in Gaza.

Immediately after the rocket was launched, IAF aircraft targeted the terror cell responsible for the launch, recording a direct hit. Palestinian sources said the strike hit a motorcycle in northern Gaza, wounding four Palestinians, one of whom was in serious condition. The man later succumbed to his wounds, marking the tenth Palestinian death from IAF strikes since hostilities began Monday, according to Palestinian sources. Minutes later a sixth rocket hit southern Israel, again in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council area.

More than 140 rockets have been fired into the South from Gaza since Monday, prompting Israel on Thursday to lodge an official complaint with the United Nations.

Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor complained to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that “the lives of about a million Israelis are paralyzed” by the projectiles.

Prosor stated that “as long as Israel’s southern communities will not know quiet, it will not be quiet in Gaza.”

He added that Israel fully cooperates with the UN, allowing civilian material and humanitarian aid into Gaza, “and in exchange weapons continue to flow into the Strip and rockets are fired into Israel."

Comment: What b.s. by the UN Prosor. What hypocrisy by all world leaders.  Not one of them/you would continue sending food, medicines,aid into an area that is at war with you.  Not one of you would give one damn about the "civilian population" used as human shields by your enemy, you would in fact stop all aid, return fire at will and prepare a military attack.  No, we in Israel, literally sit on our hands-this reinforces our enemies behavior, confirms for them they "can win via attrition" and have the support of most of the world.  You should be ashamed!!!

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