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Normalization of Islam

David Rushton  

This article may seem a little long and, to some, boring history; but a basic understanding of how Islam began in war and violence will help the reader understand the threat of Islam today to The United States, Canada, and Europe. Far from being a religion of peace Islam is, and has always been, a cult of war. And today Islam controls most of the world including the United States and Europe. I have condensed my original essay down to one sixth of what I originally wrote.

50 years ago Islam was referred to as Mohammedanism.  Politicians worldwide ignored it or treated it as an unruly little boy who should be gently controlled but mostly ignored. Governments determined to continue to use Islamic oil and reap great profits for Multi-National Oil companies. Christian teachers taught it as a cult in which its status was on the same level as Buddhism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Shintoism, Hindoism, and perhaps even Seventh Day Adventistism. Today it is thought of as one of the three great religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam. 
But Islam cannot be ignored. Muslims believe the Koran teaches them to take over the world by force if nations and individuals do not comply.

Where did it all Start?

Mohammed was born in Mecca, Arabia in AD 570. The Arabian Peninsula (now known as Saudi Arabia) was in those days divided by warring mini states that constantly fought against one another for control of the area. He was born into the tribe of Quarish which controlled the religious center of Mecca and the centerpiece of the local religions, the Ka’aba, to which Arabs made an annual pilgrimage ( and Muslims still do today). Mohammed was brought up from age six by his uncle and trained as a shepherd. He began robbing caravans in his teens and later married Khadeejah a rich widow who was 15 years older than him. They had six children who all died at a very young age except one daughter, Fatima.
Mohammed was illiterate. He did not write the Koran. He was subject to Epileptic seizures and it was during these fits that many of his pronouncements were recorded by his followers and later became part of the Koran and a second book known as the Hadith. Mohammed said that he was possessed by evil spirits. Indeed he said that all prophets were controlled at times by demons.
His new religion embraced parts of the Old Testament and New Testament which he had learned from Christians and Jews during his commercial visits to Iraq, Syria, and Israel. He also incorporated parts of the writings of other religions of his time and by this intermingling of sacred writings he hoped to found a religion that would be acceptable to everyone. This explains why in early parts of the Koran he is very friendly towards Christians and Jews, but later, after they rejected his teaching, he condemned them and demanded that they convert to Islam or be killed.
Not only did the Christians and Jews reject his new religion but so did the adherents to the many other religions in Arabia and he was only able to bring about the conversion of Arabia by making war on those who did not willingly comply. He attacked and vanquished several Arab, Christian and Jewish tribes, with attendant massacres, and took Mecca in 630 AD. He cleaned the Ka’aba of all the pagan idols and established his religion in the capital. He then went after the rest of Arabia culminating in the conquest of the whole Arabian Peninsula which now had one religion centered on the Ka’aba in Mecca.
George Bush infamously called Islam a “religion of peace,” yet by his death in 632 Mohammed had instigated 28 battles and massacres of basically peaceful towns and tribes.  
After his death his tradition of ruthless war continued under the leadership of the Caliphs who now ruled his empire. They began by making war on the Greek Christian Byzantine Empire and Persia. Caliph Omar took Damascus in 635. In 636 they defeated the Byzantine Army in the battle of Yarmouk. Then, the Muslims invaded Mesopotamia, and in 642 they occupied Persia and Egypt. With Egypt as their base they now conquered Northern Africa
Muslim forces then invaded southern Russia and part of India. They conquered most of Spain in 711 and in 718 they crossed the Pyrenees Mountains and marched into central France. Now the Muslims consolidated their conquests and turned to trade and conversion of the inhabitants of their empire. Muslims did not pay taxes but Christians and Jews did which was a great incentive to people to convert to Islam.
This was the time of Islamic culture which was taught in all parts of the empire. Muslims studied and taught medicine. They studied and taught Mathematics as they had learned it in India. They even invented Algebra which, when you think about it, is an Arab word. Arabesque architecture and decoration spread throughout the empire.
But all of this concentration on learning and art caused the leaders of the Empire to neglect security and politics. Insurrections occurred in Persia and Turkey. The Turks formed a breakaway Empire covering much of the Middle East and challenged the Byzantine Empire which then appealed to Europe for help. This was the reason for the Crusades whose aim was to liberate the whole area from Turkish (Muslim) rule.

Europe began to fight back at last

The Bulgarians and the Byzantines resisted the Muslim insurgence in Asia Minor in the early 8th century. The Umayyad invaders in Spain and Southern France were finally defeated by Charles Martel in the battle of Tours in 732. This inspired other nations to fight back too. In 738, the Muslim armies in India were routed by the Hindu army at the Battle of Rajasthan, stopping their further expansion to the east. But many of the local people had been forcibly converted to Islam and remained there. This is why in 1948 India and Pakistan had to be made into two separate States, one Muslim and one Hindu.
A second Muslim front was opened in Iberia (Spain and Portugal) and southern France. But Charles Martel’s son, Pippin the Younger, retook Narbonne (southern France and his grandson Charlemagne set up the Marca Hispanica line across the Pyrenees, retaking Girona in 785 and Barcelona in 801. This formed a permanent buffer zone against Muslims, Now the French and Spanish expelled all Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula and southern France.
Nobody cared much about Africa so the Muslims made inroads there during the period from 700 to 1600

Muslims attacked southern Italy: 831–902

Based in Tunisia (where the recent Arab-Spring) allegedly started they took Palermo in 831, Messina in 842 and in 846 they entered and largely destroyed Rome.  They continued to Enna in 859, Syracuse in 878, Catania in 900 and Taormina, in 902 setting up emirates in the Italian Peninsula.

More conquests: 1200–1800

Muslims returned to India. They consolidated their strongholds in Africa and southern Russia. They also got as far as the gates of Vienna in 1529. But by now world rulers realized the terrible consequences of letting the Muslims overrun their Empires and realized that they must fight back now or never. Would that they would see that today!
Vast European armies took back their own continent and then continued into the Muslim strongholds.

The collapse of the Muslim Empire: 1800–1924

Most of the worldwide Muslim Empire had now collapsed. But they still ruled in many parts of Africa, India/Pakistan, and southern Russia and of course in the Middle East. But this was not a United Arab/ Muslim Empire. It was split into kingdoms and nations. But make no mistake about it, the Muslims might be down on the mat but they were never knocked out. They were merely biding their time and waiting for the next opportunity to rule the world for allah.
The last individual strong Muslim Empire, the Ottoman Empire, was brought down in 1918 at the end of World War I. In 1924 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (the father of modern, secular Turkey) abolished the Caliphate and established Turkey as a separate nation. This modernization has, of course, been reversed today and Turkey (our NATO ally) is even more Muslim than ever).
While most of the World’s attention was on the Muslim conquests of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Islam also opened up a third front in the Far East.
Muslim traders were entering Indonesia as early as the 8th century. The traders married the local women of the ruling classes and richest merchants thereof establishing a foothold in the leadership. The poorer classes seeing their leaders convert to Islam simply followed suit because it was politically and financially expedient.
The Dutch colonized the region in the 17th century to plunder its natural resources and trade in nutmeg, pepper, cloves, sandalwood, rubber and teak. Towards the beginning of the 20th century, Islamic leaders gained power and recognition by championing the cause of anti-Colonialism until Indonesia became the largest Islamic population in the world.
A similar pattern emerged in other Muslim controlled areas as European colonists came in to make huge fortunes from the natural resources from spices to clothing and finally oil.

The Sleeping Giant Awakens

Islam had long been determined to take back what the European armies had taken from them. They had once controlled much of Europe, most of the Middle East, Southern Russia, much of Africa and much of the Far East. But they lacked the money, arms and strength to go on the offensive until three things happened.
The first was the discovery of oil in Muslim Lands. The second was the lazy contentment of the European and later American people. The third was Jimmy Carter’s determination to do what was politically correct. During this period millions of Muslims flocked to Europe armed with European Passports supplied to them by their conquering colonial powers, Britain was a prime example when it handed commonwealth citizenship to all the people of the lands they had conquered. Soon Britain’s shores were flooded with people, including Muslims, from all over the Empire until today there are no-go zones for British Police in Muslim strongholds in all the cities of Britain and few real British people can be found.. Similar scenes occurred in Holland, France and Belgium,  and with the advent of the Common market Muslims were able to travel and settled in every country of Europe. And there they multiplied until they became a political force that threatened to take over the host county.
Something similar happened in the United States even though America was never quite a colonial power like Britain. America opened its borders to “students” many of whom came only to colonize the United States for Islam.

The end is here

The Islamic conspiracy for World Takeover is kept secret by Islamic leaders and ignored by world leaders.
Then, along came Jimmy Carter to undermine the reasonable Islamic national leaders and let loose the mobs of radicals, which has spread throughout the entire Muslim world and will soon engulf Indonesia too.
So strong is the Muslim world today that the new Pope who initially spoke the truth about Islam was silenced and apologized.  Hussein Obama then revealed the lie of his “Political” Christianity and openly stated that America was a “Muslim Nation.”
In the next, and final, part of this series in a few days, we will examine what Islam has already done to the United States and what it will do next. The United States is now powerless to stop the Muslim agenda. You can either accept the consequences or leave. The choice is up to you.
My wife Marcia and I will still be coming to the U.S. in November to vote against the Muslim, Socialist candidate,  and hope it will not only be a symbolic gesture. The American people no longer have the will to resist and rather than vote in the national election that could turn the clock back, too many will be voting for the moronic contestants in some TV game show.
The Koran says that the Muslim who dies defending Islam will go to paradise, being looked after by 72 beautiful virgins. And many Muslim young men in America actually believe that. Find out what else they believe in the next installment.

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