Sunday, September 30, 2012

Imagine if Mohammed Had Never Existed

No seriously, an Islamist group is planning to make its own version of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. And we’re talking about a really wonderful life here.
Egypt’s second-largest political movement, the Salafist al-Nur party, said it will produce a movie about the life of Mohammed, titled “what would the world look like without Mohammed.”
Imagine if “It’s a Wonderful Life” had starred Hitler and when he tried to commit suicide, he was shown a version of a much better world where he never existed. And then decided to commit suicide secure in the knowledge that the world really would be better off with him dead. Now imagine that with Mohammed Bailey.

Mohammed is never born. We arrive in a 21st Century Middle East where all disease has been cured, flying cars travel over a blooming desert and children of all religions happily play together in the giant sandbox. Spaceships take off daily from Damascus and Tel Aviv spaceports and the energy crisis has been solved with technology developed in the 11th Century Middle Eastern Renaissance.

The Library of Alexandria attracts visitors from around the world to a center of learning that rivals anything in Constantinople or Paris. Egypt, exporter of wheat to the world, has rows of shining wheat fields beneath the pyramids, and every hour the bullet trains leave for the international trading bazaars of Mecca where the stock indexes rival Wall Street. Artificial rivers flow through the Arabian desert creating entire oases where the old traditions of democracy and freedom were reborn.

But unfortunately that’s not our world. In our world, Mohammed did exist.
For Muslims, a world without Mohammed would mean eternal Jahiliyyah without a cult of rapists and murderers plundering the globe, but come on Al-Nur, can you really imagine a world where the Middle East is a worse place than it is now?
Is it a world where parents routinely murder their children? Where everyone hates everyone else? Where every Muslim country in the region is ruled by dictators and tyrants? Where women are inferior and everyone who isn’t a Muslim is running for their lives? Where ignorance is common, illiteracy is everywhere and the people are eager to return to barbaric times? Where Muslims are constantly killing each other and everyone else?
How could the Muslim Middle East be any worse than it is now?
I think this could be a whole campaign. “Imagine the world without Mohammed.”


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