Wednesday, October 31, 2012

PE: Voting Jewish Values

Policies proposed by Mitt Romney, especially on education, are antithetical to fairness and compassion

By Randi Weingarten
Mitt Romney listens as his running mate, Paul Ryan, speaks during a campaign rally in Powell, Ohio, on Aug. 25, 2012. (Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)
It should come as no surprise that the latest Gallup poll shows that President Obama is carrying a 70-25 percent lead over Gov. Romney among Jewish voters. Once the undecideds break for a particular candidate, it looks like Obama will garner roughly the same percentage of Jewish votes as he did in 2008 against Sen. John McCain.

There’s a reason for this—and no, it’s not simple political affiliation. Jewish voters tend to choose Democrats because they care about Jewish values like tikkun olam, repairing the world; tzedek, justice; and rachamim, compassion. The only connection one can draw between these fundamental Jewish values and the policies proposed by Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan is that they oppose each other at virtually every turn. And no aspect of their plan better illustrates this than the Republicans’ proposals for our nation’s education system.

“I’m not going to cut education funding,” Romney promised in the first presidential debate. But that vow stands in direct contradiction to Romney’s March 20th endorsement of Ryan’s budget plan that would cut federal education budget by 20 percent. Steve Rattner, former counselor to the treasury secretary under the Obama Administration, explained in the New York Times that Romney’s own plan calls for a $2 trillion increase in defense spending, which would necessitate cuts of up to 40 percent to every other major federal program, including education.

Which specific aspect of the Romney-endorsed Ryan budget is the most antithetical to the Jewish commitment to public education? It’s hard to choose just one. Perhaps it’s the projected $5.3 trillion (yes, you read that right) reduction in overall spending, which, according to the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, is the equivalent of “33 percent less for ‘education, training, employment, and social services’ ” in the Ryan budget proposal. That would mean less money for training, less money to invest in good teachers, and less money to spend on facilities for our students. Or perhaps it’s the $2.7 billion in cuts the vice presidential candidate recommends for Title I programs that provide educational services for disadvantaged students in high-poverty school districts, risking the jobs of as many as 38,000 teachers.

Or maybe it’s the dramatic slashes—approximately $170 billion over 10 years—that the Romney-endorsed Ryan budget recommends for Pell Grants, which provide crucial aid to more than 9 million of the nation’s most financially needy students so they can pay for college. A Romney-Ryan White House could mean that over the next decade 1 million U.S. college students would not have a fair shot.

Jewish voters’ opposition to cutting $2.2 billion for educating children with disabilities—which would lead to lost jobs for 30,000 special-education teachers—is understandable. So is their opposition to a Ryan budget that could result in the removal of 191,000 at-risk pre-schoolers from Head Start, which gives educational, health, nutrition, and social-service support for families most in need.

Education experts, including Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, have sharply criticized the would-be vice president’s plan. At a March House Subcommittee hearing, Duncan said that “passage of the Ryan budget would propel the educational success of this country backwards for years to come.” Jewish organizations are also outraged. The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism released a statement in March saying that his plan “would turn our backs on our obligation to care for all Americans.” The Jewish Council on Public Affairs also labeled cuts in the Ryan plan, including those in education, “completely unacceptable … [since] these assistance programs are the only thing preventing some families from falling into poverty and others from becoming even poorer.” As President Obama summarized conclusively in the first presidential debate, a Romney-Ryan ticket would lead to the “gutting” of our education system.

Our community has always placed a premium on education, and we understand that shortchanging our children is the opposite of what our history has taught us. That’s why we see that Jewish support for President Obama is growing as the disconnect between Republicans’ policies and Jewish values become increasingly clear. And on education, the distance between the two candidates couldn’t be greater.

Comment: I posted this to demonstrate how out of touch in reality the American Jewish community is. I suggest that the issue is not that Republicans are anti-education nor do their "policies", code for we don't like the methodology therefore you are anti...fill in the blank. There are multiple ways to live the following Jewish values: tikkun olam, repairing the world; tzedek, justice; and rachamim, compassion. We, non-Democrats, also hold these values high among our daily living behaviors, for you or the Democratic Party to suggest, indicate or state otherwise is ludicrous. We believe giving people things with no personal responsibility attached is akin to keeping them beholding to the giver.  We believe that those in need and unable to fend for themselves, deserve our car.  Those who are abel and capable need our help as well-the nature of our help is to provide them with self respect, dignity and the motivation to help themselves so they can become independent of others and stand on their own 2 feet. It is long time past the old mantra of non-Democrats don't hold Jewish values close to their hearts, the contrary is the truth, only if you would be wise enough to step apart from your decades old ideology; an ideology that controls you and does not permit you to see the ennobling abilities of those outside your realm.


Hans said...

I hope the poll numbers are wrong, if not then Jews will be wrong...

If the poll are right, Conservatives should abandon the Jewish vote...

If the wow fails upon us, they will only have themselves to blame...

Hans said...

That 70% support for BOCO, is just 5% less than he received in 2008...

Does anyone believe that only 5% of Jewish voters bailed on BO ? Please, that is completely ridiculous..

This poll report is more accurate and I believe those numbers will come down as well..

Mo said...

Wow, Randi Weingarten illustrates the old joke about the definition of chutzpah..a man murders his parents, and then asks for mercy from the court because...he's now an orphan!

Jewish values do NOT include wasting enormous amounts of money on useless teachers who can't teach (see about the "rubber room" in the NYC school district) but can't be fired, union bosses who take in enormous sums of cash that should go to the kids or the teachers...Jewish values don't include hiring all kinds of unnecessary school administrators that somehow, our schools got along without just fine years ago..spending is up per student all over the country, often being extremely high in districts with students who are NOT doing well...Jewish values do not include theft, which is what a lot of this is.

Also, most Jews are liberals because of stances on abortion, which are antithetical to classical Judaism...I'm sorry, Jewish values do NOT include late-term abortions, as our President voted for while a Senator..he was one of the most radically pro-abortion ever, and there is NO way to spin that as a "Jewish value".

Free contraception, government-paid for abortions..multigenerational poverty because of a system to help the poor that helps ENTRENCH poverty, rather than trying to make families whole and teaching them to, instead we get a loosening of "workfare" rules and a huge expansion of the welfare state...NO, these are NOT Jewish values. Tsedakah is, but not taking your EBT card and using it to get money for a casino trip! And yes, that is documented and it happens, a LOT.

Modern Progressivism or liberalism is antithetical to Judaism. The spin on it is unreal, with taking Jewish concepts and twisting in a way that was never done in the history of Judaism. THAT would be ok if liberal policies worked, but they don't. Doc's comment on Weingarten's tripe is "spot on", exactly right.