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Muslim Brotherhood tells us they are in the United States – anyone listening?

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The Muslim Brotherhood in America and some of the leading Islamic groups throughout the USA have been a hot button issue for some time. Both corrupt/ignorant politicians and the media have tried repeatedly to paint any who speak of the Muslim Brotherhood as “crazies”……. that is coming to an end. The “Ikhwan” AKA “Muslim Brotherhood” has been in America long enough to plant their offspring on U.S. soil making them legal citizens even in the event that they are deported, thus the Ikhwan remains.  DEPORTED Dr. Salah Sultan of Ohio is a perfect example.
In a few recent articles by Patrick Poole, and a documentary put out by Glenn Beck called “The Project”, newly found pictures of Dr. Salah Sultan made it clear he was a Muslim Brotherhood operative in the U.S.
The newly found pictures of Salah Sultan were found by  ”CAUSING FITNA” while researching Kansas City Islamic groups that raised our attention through some of their actions and online activity.

We have continued to research these ties of  Salah Sultan and Kansas City. Below you will see a recent picture of Dr. Salah Sultan, The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, and Mohammed Sultan, a Ohio State University grad, and former President of the Muslim Students Association at OSU.
Note to new readers: The Muslim Students Association or MSA “was established mainly by members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in January 1963 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
A closer look at Mohamed Sultan’s twitter feed may give some insight into the Ohio MSA and how his father raised him.
Note: The “ikhwan” is the Muslim Brotherhood.
Mohamed Sultan is a Citizen of Ohio, which the last time I checked was in the UNITED STATES…… any questions?
This is without a doubt open praise of HAMAS. The so-called LION in the picture above is none other than Khaled Mashal, a Palestinian political leader. Mashal has been the main leader of the Palestinian organization Hamas since 2004.
Note: Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organization, designated so by Bill Clinton, and one of the military wings of the Muslim Brotherhood – as stated in the Hamas Covenant.
mohammed-soltan-islam-is-not-a-religionRead that again.
As stated previously, we became more interested in the activities of the Sultan family while researching Kansas City Islamic groups. The Islamic Center of Johnson County in Overland Park, Kansas is very well acquainted with Mohammed Sultan. The picture above shows Imam of ICJC Dahee Saeed with Mohamed Sultan in Kansas City. With ICJC planning a new Mega Mosque in the Overland Park community, Kansans might want to know a bit more about this group, and if they are affiliated with the Ikhwan in any way.  It should be noted that the Muslim Brotherhood have been well established in Kansas City for many years, as documented in Steve Emerson’s “Jihad in America”. A portion of that can be seen here highlighting a convention at Bartle Hall - take note that this video is posted from the youtube favorites playlist (screencapture below) of Mohammad Albadawi, a leader with the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City, as well as a leading organizer for MAS-ICNA conventions nationwide for many years. Screencapture attached in the case that Mr. Albadawi gets clever and removes this video from playlists.
Much more, read it all and watch the videos at Causing Fitna’s blog and follow him on Twitter.
The Muslim Brotherhood has been telling us their goal for North America since 1991An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America.
If you know anyone in the Kansas City area, forward this information to them.
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