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The Post Zionism Disease

Nurit Greenger | June 7, 2013
This is an alarming call to partake in the restoration of the Land of Israel.
There is no one better than the people who head the Israel Land Fund to tell us what is really going on in Israel.
Israel Land Fund believes that ALL the land of Israel belongs to each and every Jew, NOT to Jewish organizations or a government body.

After realizing there is a need to disrupt the purchase of Jewish owned land in Israel by hostile, non-Jewish and enemy sources, in 2007 the not for profit Israel Land Fund organization was founded, ( It was founded out of the emerging necessity to revive the original efforts by the Jewish Forefathers, and in more recent modern history of just over a century ago by Jewish pioneers of the state, to acquire all the land of Israel for the Jewish people.
Since the state of Israel is a democracy where people enjoy freedom of speech, assembly and religion, with these rights any individual who wishes to purchase property in Israel is able to do so. As the result, more and more Arabs and non-Jews are living and owning land all over Israel, whether it is the west part of Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv and beyond.
But the skies over Israel are getting darker and darker. And why? Because the government of Israel is destroying the state.
This week I had the honor to meet Arieh King, a real Zionist and a true to the core Israeli, living in Mount Olive in the east part of Jerusalem, the founder of Israel Land Fund Organization. The picture he painted was horrifying, depressing and alarming.
Arieh's fight is to save the east part of Jerusalem, to save the city from being divided, again, which is exactly what the government of Israel is currently doing, dividing the city. In reality, in June 2013, eight sections of the east part of Jerusalem, which Israel returned to its sovereignty in 1967, are totally Judenrein, free and cleansed of Jews, all with the knowledge of the government of Israel. NO JEWS are allowed to enter those eight sections, which is the only place in the world where Jews are forbidden to enter. This is insulting, humiliating and disgusting.
The government of Israel, without any pressure put on its prime minister Netanyahu, de-facto, has divided Jerusalem and no politician who wants to keep his or her job will speak out, will come against the government's policy, so the process continues in alarming speed.
  Riding through the roads of Judea and Samaria you see this type sign, warning that the road leads to a PA village and it would be DANGEROUS for Jews, to travel on, NOT Arabs, nor Arab Israelis. There are other red signs that absolutely FORBID the entrance of Jews into the area, and any Jew violating that sign is guilty of committing a crime. There are no such signs regarding danger to Arabs leading to any of Israel's cities or communities. (AFSI photo)

If you demand that NO ONE is allowed to build in the east part of Jerusalem, that can be acceptable. However when Obama demands that ONLY Jews must not build in the east part of Jerusalem, it is racism, bigotry and anti-Semitism and thus Obama is a racist and an anti-Semite. And why? Because most of the land in the east part of Jerusalem belongs to American Jews. If Obama does not permit American citizens to build in a certain part of the world and the prime minuster of Israel collaborates with him then Obama and Netanyahu are both anti-Semites and bigots.
While Jews are not allowed to build in the land of Israel, Arabs, with oil money, are building all over Israel, are building illegally in the east part of Jerusalem.
A sign announcing US AID project, a gift from the American taxpayers. Do you recall ever being consulted on whether or not you want your tax dollars going to the PA? Note, no Hebrew on the sign, only English and Arabic, as this is a deal between America and the PA ONLY, a sign on the sovereign state of Israel's land. That is what you call Chutzpah. ALL Americans should rise up in fury over such AID and demand to know who the individuals are that decide on the gifting of our money to a terrorist entity. (AFSI photo)
The Arabs are conquering Israel without having to shoot one bullet and if Jews do not wake up, soon the state of Israel will be an Arab state without the two state solution ongoing charade.
Sadly, when you approach the government of Israel on this issue their proverbial reply is, it is politically sensitive issue and they ignore it. This is not the way a sovereign state behaves.
So we, Jews, must buy the sensitive factor from the government of Israel and take the law into our own hands to save Israel, our homeland.
Jerusalem belongs to all the Jews; when Jews pray they face Jerusalem. There is now the urgent need to put pressure on all Jews to act about Jerusalem, which is the crucial point of the future of the Jewish state and the Jewish nation. Jerusalem is the turning point whether the Jewish people will get to keep or lose their nation's state. And if the Jews lose their state the Jewish nation has no future.
When the Israelites chose to listen to the ten of twelve spies who vilified the Promised Land, rather than to listen to the encouraging report of Caleb and Joshua they were punished. Their cry angered G-d and He brought upon them the 9th of Av, a date of horror for the nation of Israel, a day when the two temples were destroyed, a day when Jews punish themselves and cry and will continue punishing themselves and cry for eternity.
Each Jew has a choice, to either act the defeatist as the ten spies were when they spoke badly about the promised land or be a Joshua or Caleb, who had faith and were fearless leaders, ready to fight the fight. If Jews do not secure the east part of Jerusalem, that is the same shameful act of the ten spies; they see the Amorite Obama and the Canaanite Abbas giants whom they fear.
Today, in the state of Israel a Jew cannot build because he or she is a Jew. If a politician anywhere else in the world approves such sanction, he or she will be taken to court and be thrown out. But in Israel the officials do not deal with this matter because of political reasons while the Arabs are building, mostly illegally, fearlessly and freely.
Benjamin Netanyahu is a very weak prime minister. He gave away Hebron to the Arabs; he voted for the disengagement from Gaza and he was the only prime minister who froze construction in the land of Israel and has divided Jerusalem and thus has weakened Israel's sovereignty beyond comprehension.
Anyone who believes that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews, not because of Herzl or Ben Gurion, will make a better prime minister than Benjamin Netanyahu.
However, for now and until a real Joshua or Caleb rise, our duty is to strengthen Netanyahu.  Whoever attacks him or puts pressure on him we need to attack and neutralize him or her. If Obama pressures Netanyahu to freeze constructions in Israel we need to attack him for being anti-Semite which is clearly who he is. Or, we need to attack the Democratic Jews who do not attack Obama for being anti-Semite and thus they are anti-Semites too. Because if you do not allow a Jew to build anywhere he or she wants, you are an anti-Semite.
What first comes to mind is how vile anti-Semitic the EU is, who declared that If Netanyahu builds in Jerusalem, they will back the PA in Hague
The goal of the Israel Land Fund is to inform ALL JEWS about the repugnancy that takes place in Israel. To inform everyone that the rights of Canadian and American Jews are attacked because they are Jews. To wake up and recruit ALL Jews, wherever they live, from the very progressive to the ultra religious one, to fight for the future of Jerusalem; BECAUSE what will happen in Jerusalem will affect the entire Israel. Should Jerusalem be divided officially, then neither Tel Aviv or Haifa will matter. If things progress as they do TODAY, Israel will be an Arab country in the very near future and Jews will not be able to live there.
  Arab mansions, similar to this one, or perhaps a little less grand, can be seen throughout the Galilee, supposedly on Israeli state land where one would expect to find Jews living without fences and security walls. Instead, the Arabs enjoy this unfettered life. In the Negev, throughout the Bedouin triangle of Arad, Dimona and Beersheba, the new Bedouin villages that have been built by the Israeli government for the various clans, also boast large, spacious homes. Isn't it time the bleeding hearts for the "poor Arab-Palestinians" understood the realities on the ground? (AFSI photo)
The goal of the Israel Land Fund is to strip Israel naked and expose the legal system in Israel, which is in a total disarray, in a Sodom and Gomorrah kind of chaos. To expose that Israel has become the lawless 'wild, wild east' in the Galilee, Negev and the east part of Jerusalem and soon in Ramleh, Jaffa, Acco and Haifa. To ask for help to disseminate the facts and save Israel from herself.
As I wrote before and I repeat it here again, the Arabs have won the war already. Slowly and not so slowly but surely, they are conquering all of the land of Israel, without needing to shoot one bullet. The government of Israel is scared of the Arabs, it is scared of what the world will say, it is scared to be and act as a sovereign state, it is worried to be called the insidious names the Arabs have developed and call the Jewish state, and thus the government of Israel conducts a 'shush-shtil' and deliberate disregard out of fear, policy of do not shake the tree, do not use a megaphone and tell the truth.
The greatest criminals and haters of the Jewish people live in Israel and they are Jewish!
If JEWS do not get up, speak out and act, the Jewish nation is on the way to lose Jerusalem and thus to lose its homeland and this time it will be forever.
Wake up Israel, wake up Jews! Each individual can make the difference and together Jews will take the land of Israel back and end anti-Semitism in the capital of the nation state of the Jewish people, Israel.
Now you know the facts about the land of Israel, especially Jerusalem. If a Jew who knows these facts does not take action, any action, even if it is only to repeat this story to others, and work, in any way possible, to stop this process, then he or she are partner to the crime that is perpetrated by the government of Israel; he or she is a partner to Obama and the EU's racism and anti-Semitism.
In Israel the government is infected by the post Zionism disease; it is the duty of each and every Jew to find an immediate cure for this disease. If Jews keep on ignoring reality and truth there will be no Israel.
Take action for Jerusalem as the Arabs are already forcing Jews in Eretz Israel to stand down.

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(Clicked over from DanielPipes.) Thanks for writing this. I didn't know that most of eastern Jerusalem land is owned by American citizens; it puts the situation in a different light.