Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mr. Obama, pre-condition for PA-stop incitement or...

PA TV song calls to attack Israel,
the "snake's head," with the rifle

"With the rifle we will impose our new life...
Oh Palestinians, I want to go...
and with you attack the snake's head"
by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
A song demonizing Israel and calling for violence is currently being rebroadcast on official Palestinian Authority TV Live. The song demonizes Israel as "the snake's head" that kills Palestinians, and adds that by using "the rifle we will impose our new life" on Israel.

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Palestinian Media Watch has documented the ongoing PA policy of demonizing Israel and glorifying violence.

Since 2011, PA TV has broadcast at least 4 different versions of the song.  The version currently being rebroadcast is a performance at a Fatah event in 2011 in front of senior PA and Fatah officials, including PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Another version includes visuals of Palestinian terrorists in training. The two other versions are performed by different singers.

The following is the text of the song performed in front of the PA and Fatah leadership:

"Oh Palestinians, the revolution is certain,
with the rifle we will impose our new life.
Oh Palestinians, [the Zionist] shot you with the rifle,
the Zionists are killing your doves in your sacred area.
Oh Palestinians, I want to go and be with you.
Fire is in my hands, and with you attack the snake's head (Israel)."
[Official PA TV and Official PA TV Live, 2011-2013, numerous times]

The following PA leaders are in the audience:

Sultan Abu Al-Einein - Advisor to Mahmoud Abbas
Abbas Zaki - Member of the Fatah Central Committee
Hanan Ashrawi - PLO Executive Committee member
Abd Al-Rahim Maluh - Member of the PLO Executive Committee
Mahmoud Abbas was also present at the event sitting near the other PA leaders.

Comment: It is impossible to begin talking peace with any group who only spews battle, attacks etc-you al know this to be true yet you want us to ...

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