Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Iraq Wants Jewish Archive to Prove Ownership of the Tower of Babel

The Jewish Iraqi Archive, a collection of bibles and other religious books, as well as personal material like schoolbooks from the former Jews of Iraq, confiscated by the Iraqi security services and then transported to the United States after the fall of Saddam, has been in the news lately.

Some senators and congressmen would like the Jewish archive returned to the Jewish community. Iraq meanwhile firmly wants the archive.
Harold Rhode, who discovered the trove while working as a Defense Department policy analyst assigned to Iraq’s transitional government, said he is “horrified” to think the material would be returned when it had been “stolen by the government of Iraq from the Jewish community.”
“It would be comparable to the U.S. returning to the German government Jewish property that had been looted by the Nazis,” he told The Jewish Week.
Some people are wondering why Iraq wants the Jewish archive… and the answer may be very bizarre indeed. Here’s an explanation from Al Arabiya, the Saudi answer to Al Jazeera, last year.

Arab League Deputy Secretary General Ahmed ben Helli has confirmed attempts by Israel to steal ancient Iraqi archives. “Iraq has been subjected to the biggest theft of its manuscripts and historic treasures,” he said. “Israel is accomplice to this.”
The manuscripts are Jewish. How can Jews steal their own historic treasures? But let’s move on to the full crazy.

According to archeologists, the Iraqi Jewish archive contains almost 3,000 documents and 1,700 antiques that chronicle the eras in which Jews were enslaved in Iraq during the first and second eras of Babylonian captivity. The collection also comprises belongings of Jews who lived in Iraq.

Among the most important items in the collection are the oldest copies of the Talmud and the Old Testament. That is why, experts argue, the former Iraqi regime kept the collection guarded in the intelligence building.

Read that last paragraph again and try to see those two sentences make sense in any way that doesn’t involve Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Experts add that Israel is keen on obtaining the manuscripts in order to prove their claim that the Jews had built the Tower of Babel as part of its attempt to distort the history of the Middle East for its own interests.
And there we have it.
The Jewish archive is part of a dastardly Jewish plot to claim ownership of the Tower of Babel… which doesn’t exist anymore.
The Jewish bible depicts the tower being constructed before the emergence of the Jewish people. Which is why Iraq needs copies of the bible to prove that the Jews didn’t build the Tower of Babel.
So the United States has two options…
1. Return the Jewish archive to the Iraqi Jewish communities abroad
2. Send the archive to Iraq where it will be kept in storage against the day that the Jews claim to have built the Tower of Babel and demand ownership of a thing that hasn’t existed in thousands of years
3. Return the Jewish archive, but dispatch Elizabeth Warren to give her “You didn’t build that” speech at a synagogue
This seems like an easy choice. Either do the sane thing or keep pandering to the whims of crazy bigots whose grasp on reality is looser than a drunk with a greased pogo stick.

The so-called peace process in which Israel is ordered to create a Palestinian state for terrorist groups that keep trying to kill it is option 2. So Obama will predictably choose that and send the Jewish archive to Iraq so that one of the largest countries in the region can breathe a sigh of relief that the Jews will no longer be able to steal their tower which doesn’t exist.

At least until the next Mossad attack shark or spy eagle is captured.

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