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Obama Admin to IDF Generals: Stop Being So Concerned About Israel’s Security

Video: Obama pressuring Israel to withdraw from strategically vital Jordan Valley -

Obama Admin to IDF Generals: Stop Being So Concerned About Israel’s Security

The Obama administration is pressuring Israeli generals to stop publicly voicing their concerns about the administration’s security proposals in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and instead endorse the administration’s plans, according to Israeli media reports.
The administration is seeking a complete or partial IDF withdrawal from the Jordan Valley, where the border between Israel and Jordan lies at the eastern edge of Judea and Samaria, also called the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority has long sought control of the valley. However, Israel and Jordan are opposed to an IDF withdrawal, which they fear would enable the transit of terrorists and arms through Jordan into the West Bank.

After a prominent retired Israeli general spoke out against IDF withdrawal from the Jordan Valley, Israeli media reported that the Obama administration’s head envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Martin Indyk, convened a meeting of Israeli security officials. He pressured them to drop their objections to the plan and make media appearances in support of it to help sell a skeptical Israeli public on the benefits of a reduction in security.
“The Americans are attempting to convince the government of Israel to accept the security arrangements for the Jordan Valley, but in order to do that … they are trying to hitch up Israeli opinion leaders. … Mainly opinion leaders from the defense sector. Martin Indyk, the American delegate to the negotiations and his team met in recent days with IDF generals. … Those who were present at the meetings understand that the idea is if you support the plan, then go to the media and be interviewed and respond, because they have the impression that the Israeli public has doubts about the subject.”

US Pushing Israel To Sell Jordan Valley Withdrawal

Israeli media reports US is pushing Israeli generals to turn public doubt, raising favor over Kerry's proposed withdrawals.

By Ari Yashar
First Publish: 12/27/2013
Martin Indyk
Martin Indyk

The US is pressuring Israel to ignore its security concerns and persuade a skeptical Israeli public to accept US Secretary of State John Kerry's plans, which include Israeli withdrawal from the Jordan Valley in stages over the next 10 years, according to recent reports by Channel 2 news.
US head envoy over the peace talks Martin Indyk has met with senior IDF generals in recent days according to the report, urging them to accept the deal.
Further, Indyk and his staff have reportedly told generals to "go to the media and be interviewed and respond, because they have the impression that the Israeli public has doubts about the subject."
The report can be seen here:
The report comes just prior to Kerry's "offensive" in January to push Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to adopt his plan. Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has already rejected the plan.
In response to the report, Analyst Mark Langfan, who has critically analyzed and dissected Kerry's Jordan Valley plan, said "any Israeli general advocating the Jordan Valley plan is a military fraud, and I challenge them to a debate."
Langfan added "Martin Indyk has planned the annihilation of Israel for decades."
Video shows that prior to the 2005 "Disengagement," whereby Jews were expelled from Gush Katif, Indyk was woefully mistaken in his predictions of the move's results.
Indyk claimed the unilateral withdrawal would produce "a new Palestinian leadership that is more responsible and capable and legitimate." Instead the terror organization Hamas took control of Gaza.
Regarding Kerry's plan, it appears to be based on the 1967 "Allon Plan." Ironically, in the same year the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (USJCoS) reported that even more than the Jordan Valley, Judea and Samaria are strategic necessities for Israeli security.
Kerry's plan also includes mass withdrawals from Judea and Samaria.
MK Miri Regev (Likud Beytenu) plans to challenge the plans by introducing legislation next week to annex the Jordan Valley, according to a Friday-morning report by the Yisrael Hayom daily.
A senior Likud source criticized the move, saying "Regev is initiating the bill to get headlines. Even she knows full well that there's no way in the world that such a proposal will pass the Knesset."

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