Friday, April 25, 2014

PIP: Hamas MP confirms that Hamas will never recognize Israel


The Hamas mouthpiece Palestine Information Center has an exclusive interview with Hamas sheikh and MP Hassan Youssef, where he confirms that Hamas will never recognize Israel.

Reacting to statements by PLO officials that a unity government will recognize Israel and be against terrorism, and that even Hamas will recognize Israel, Youssef asked rhetorically, "Does it make sense to ask [Hamas] to recognize Israel? The concept has nothing to do with logic and righteousness."

For the most part, Hamas leaders and media have been silent about the issue of them adhering to the existing positions of Mahmoud Abbas supposedly against terror and recognizing Israel, knowing that ambiguity is the only chance they have for unity.

Hamas political head Khaled Meshal told Al Jazeera that Hamas would do the "impossible" to facilitate an agreement with Fatah, in order for both of them together to "better able to meet the challenge of Israel, which shed lives and violated sanctities and usurped the land."

(h't Alex)

COMMENT: This group just formed "a unity government" with fatah-our so-called peace partner. Really? Which group's philosophy wins out, Hamas or fatah? I need to ask? Yet, the Kerry's of the world reinforce this action by continuing to beg, yes, it is sophisticated begging, fatah to return to the table to talk some more. The deal is sealed, no agreement of any kind and the responsibility for this outcome falls solely on Israel's "neighbors".

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