Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bennett: PA President Abbas is a 'mega terrorist'


Economy Minister decries PA's transfer of monthly stipends to terrorists in Israeli prisons, applauds Security Cabinet's decision to block the funds.

Abbas Bennett
Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas (L) and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett Photo: REUTERS
Economy Minister Naftali Bennett told Israel Radio on Thursday morning that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas a "mega terrorist" for aiding Palestinian inmates in Israeli prisons with the monthly transfer of funds.
Bennett stressed that by transferring Palestinian Authority funds terrorist prisoners, the PA was supporting the murder of Jews.
At the moment, the Palestinian Authority transfers monthly stipends to Palestinian prisoners who have been involved in terrorism, Bennett said, with some stipends reaching NIS12,000 a month.
Bennett stated that in light of the situation, the Security Cabinet has voted to block funds from reaching Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

In May, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman addressed the subject of Palestinian prisoners being payed stipends by the PA noting that some 5,000 security prisoners are paid more than NIS7,500 a month each.
“Abbas, who whines about the PA’s finances, pays large stipends to prisoners convicted of murder and those who tried to become suicide bombers,” Liberman told the MKs. “The prisoners are given three times as much as Palestinian policemen.”
Bennett also stated in the interview that he was upset with president-elect Reuven Rivlin's plans to meet with Abbas, calling the plan, "unfortunate."
Bennett stated that it is imperative to evaluate the PA chief's actions, not his words or intentions.

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