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Will Islam Collapse in Our Lifetime?

Dr DM & MA Khan

26 Dec, 2007

Dr. DM, an Indian Infidel sent the following letter to Islam-watch. Dear Mr Khan,

Hope you are well and things are fine. I sent the following question for any knowledgeable person.

A knowledgeable person, Dr. Ali Sina, from has predicted the decline and fall of Islam during our lifetime or say, in this century. On what basis you predict this.

Now since I asked this question, I would like to give my background so that you will understand my mindset. My name is DM. I did my Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University of Georgia in USA and currently work as a researcher. I did my Masters from India. I am from Calcutta (now called Kolkata) India. My parents moved from Bangladesh (East Pakistan) to India for obvious reasons. My grandfather was killed in 1971 by Urdu speaking Muslims backed by Pakistan. The reason, he was a Hindu person. I am not a religious person. I visited temples, mosques, churches, synagogues, gurdwaras, Buddhist temple etc.

Now I would like to give the background of my question. I have experienced that in all Islamic countries there is no practice of free thinking. Muslims (practising and non-practising) in Islamic countries are insulated from the truth, and their media and their political system don’t allow them to think freely and analyze logically. Most of the times, they think everything from the religious point of view. They give an Islamic twist in their opinion. That’s the way they are groomed. Even the newspapers published in the west by the Muslims living in the west show the same mentality.

Muslims live in the west, take the advantage of west’s liberal democracy and then criticize USA and the west. For example, I was reading an article published in the weekly news magazine, The Weekly Bangla Patrika, Friday, June 08, 2007. The editor: Mahbubur Rahman, published by Bangla Patrika Inc., 34-30, 72nd Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372. In one article (pp5, by Minar Rashid), it is written that Islamic countries own the 70% of oil and 40% of minerals of the world. America and the west are exploiting, and oppressing the Islamic countries in various ways. The projection of Shia-Sunni divide is a hype created by west, so that Muslims will keep fighting with each other. The population of west is declining. America does not want1.2 billion Muslims to become powerful. 1.2 billion people can be a threat to the west etc. Rather America should truly love the people of Islamic countries.

So you see the mindset of the people from Islamic countries. The Muslims (practicing and non-practising) read these newspapers. So whether the Muslims are in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or America does not really matter. The mindset remains the same.

Interestingly in the same issue of The Weekly Bangla Patrika, Friday, June 08, 2007 (pp59), one Islamic sect Ahle Sunnat Wale Jamat (of Bangladesh) gave an advertisement that they follow the real Islam. They quoted Mishkat Sharif (pp30) where Prophet Muhammad said that his Umma will get divided into 73 sects, and only one sect will go to heaven and others will go to hell. This sect Ahle Sunnat Wale Jamat wanted to tell that they are following the true path and Muslim people should join them.

Now if this is the situation where in all Islamic countries most of the people are illiterate, brainwashed by the media, don’t have newspapers which promote free thinking, people don’t do any self-criticism then how the Islam will decline during our lifetime.

Then how the decline of Islam is possible?

Note: I read Ibn Warraq’s books.

I also watched the videos of ‘Unlearning Intolerance’ Seminar at the United Nations held on 7 December 2004, United Nations Headquarters, New York. I read the articles of,,,

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