Monday, July 27, 2009

'Hizbullah training LAF officers'


Lebanese defense officials believe there is a secret pact between Hizbullah and top officers in the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), the Kuwaiti paper Asiyassa reported on Monday. According to the account, a LAF battalion will operate within the Hizbullah framework and have independence and access to the group's arsenal.

The paper said Israel gave the United States and European governments which have UNIFIL contingencies (France, Germany, Spain and Italy) information which proves Hizbullah was training dozens of LAF soldiers to prepare them to fight alongside Hizbullah guerrillas in case the IDF attacks Lebanon. Israel conveyed the information on July 1, according to the report.

The LAF battalion in Hizbullah, according to Asiyassa, will include 150 troops who will have access to areas south of the Litani River from where Hizbullah fighters are currently banned in the framework of UN Resolution 1701. Hizbullah reportedly trained the officers on the use of specific Iranian missiles with average- and long-distance ranges.

Comment: I await word from Washington DC and Paris regarding these latest UN 1701 violations. Of course I will wait until the sun doesn't shine any more. These respective governments are far too busy attacking, pressuring and denouncing Israel's attempts to protect its citizens in the disputed territories. As long as these governments covey favor with Islamic countries by damning Israel's rights as a sovereign nation one should not expect to hear any criticism of Hizzbollah's actions. The hypocrisy of these governments continues to manifest itself on a daily basis. I also note that the new "pro-Israel" group called J-Street has chosen to remain silent as well-hmm, what is J-Street's real motive I wonder!

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