Friday, December 31, 2010

Do You Believe In Headlines?

My Right Word

It translates:

"In the year 2000, Israel won't be Jewish"

The person who uttered that prognostication is Prof. Arnon Soffer. He's to Geula Cohen's right.

If you go here, htis Central Bureau of Statistics of Israel site, in Hebrew, you'lll find this information:

there are 7.7 million persons residing in Israel.of them, 5.8 million are Jews (75.4%)
1.57 million are Arabs (20.4%)
.320 million are other (4.2%)

How's that for academic professional ability?

Now, take into consideration that in Judea and Samaria live 1.6 million Arabs (the 'official figure' of 2.5 million is off as it includes a double-count of .200 million residing in jerusalem and .400 million who actually reside abroad (and do you know how many Israelis live abroad?), that leaves a Jewish majority between the River and the Sea of 66%.

After 23 years.

Not bad.

Comment: As an academic I can attest to the intentional combination of political ideology and "facts" combined in reports, articles, lectures that are, be design, meant to indoctrinate their listeners and/or their "followers". Gone is the notion of neutrality and skepticism required of bona fide researchers. Today's academic pretenders are driven (motivated) by the promotion of their opinions and being accepted within the "circle of accommodation" rather than seeking truth. They use their positions in a manner consistent with out of integrity actions. A pity as the society has trusted us to do better and they pay our salaries-we have failed them!

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