Wednesday, December 29, 2010

L.A. City Resolution regarding Islamaphobia STEALTH SHARIA‏

On Dec. 15th, among dozens of resolutions passed by the Los Angeles City Council a zinger went through unanimously without debate. It endorses sponsorship of any legislation which would oppose anti-Muslim sentiment. So the next time Muslims blow up ancient Buddhas, buses or buildings, we dare not blame Muslims or the Koran which overtly exhorts its followers to smite the infidel with 'a two edged sword'. Masquerading as a religion, Islam today is more accurately a political movement of the genus of fascism. The 57 exclusively Muslim countries are counted among the world’s most bigoted and intolerant, especially with the Shia vs. Sunny wars. In Austria, a man was recently fined for yodeling while lawn mowing because Muslim neighbors assumed he was mocking their prayer. Is that where we are headed? The bully played victim and the L.A. City Council fell for it. Shame on them. Let's all yodel back.

Abbu Shuki

Los Angeles, CA 90291

The Resolution Text:

WHEREAS, any official position of the City of Los Angeles with respect to legislation, rules, regulations or

policies proposed to or pending before a local, state or federal governmental body or agency must have

first been adopted in the form of a Resolution by the City Council with the concurrence of the Mayor; and

WHEREAS, the City of Los Angeles Human Relations Commission, Los Angeles Police Department, the

Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles County Human

Relations Commission and various civic and religious stakeholders have worked to resolve various levels

of conflict impacting residents of our City; and

WHEREAS, the City of Los Angeles facilitates access to local government by empowering communities

with the knowledge and skills to participate effectively. Los Angeles is comprised of diverse populations

that are easily overlooked without proper attention: 47% of the City is foreign-born, speaks 224

languages, and affiliates with 600 religious sects; and

WHEREAS, the City of Los Angeles has historically opposed hate crimes and random acts of violence in

previous actions of the council such as the Jewish Federation Alliance in 2008 (CF:08-0100-S1), The

Beith David Educational Center Temple in Tarzana (CF:06-0010-S23) in 2006, The Hate Crimes Report

(CF:03-2746) of 2002, Shadow Hills Burning Cross Incident (CF:99-0010-S39) in 1999; Hate Crime

Destruction at the Go For Broke Monument in Little Tokyo (CF:04-001-S17) in 2004 ,the LAUSD Racial

and Ethnic strife in the San Fernando Valley and South Los Angeles (CF:05-0731) in 2005; and

WHEREAS, the concept of religious pluralism is used to describe the significance of interfaith dialogue

between members of different religious groups with the goal of minimizing conflicts between the different

groups; and

WHEREAS, the City of Los Angeles' commitment to pluralism and to the free exercise of religion are the

cornerstone of American values that have helped produce one of the most ethnically and religiously

diverse and vibrant cities in the world; and

WHEREAS, there has been a marked nationwide increase in acts of violence, discrimination and hostility

directed at Muslim Americans on the basis of their religious identity including here in Southern California;


WHEREAS, this rise in anti-Muslim sentiment, commonly called Islamophobia, has contributed to

opposition to the lawful construction and expansion of religious centers across the United States,

including in Tennessee, Wisconsin, Illinois, Connecticut and California; and

WHEREAS, more than two dozen mosques across America have been the targets of vandalism, arson

and other hateful acts in the past two years. In addition, hate crimes and incidents have increased

tremendously in recent months and have led to hostile environments for many Muslim Americans; and

WHEREAS, The City of Los Angeles has a history of opposing various degrees of discrimination and

supporting the rights to religious liberty and equal protection and recognizing that when those rights are

threatened for some they are weakened for all; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, with the concurrence of the Mayor, that by the adoption of this

Resolution, the City of Los Angeles hereby includes in its 2011-2012 State and Federal Legislative

Program, support and sponsorship of any legislation which would OPPOSE Islamaphobia and repudiate

random acts of violence against Muslim Americans.

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