Thursday, December 30, 2010


International Christian Zionist Center

Like a mantra they spout their worn out - principally untrue - declarations, insisting that they want to maintain a democratic Jewish state and therefore need to do away with the greater part of the "territories." For if they don't they insist, they will be swallowed up by a majority that is Arab and overwhelmingly Muslim. Whatever they mean by a Jewish democratic state is not defined, but it sounds at least good as an argument that they are willing to part with their biblical historic homeland to PRESERVE the Jewishness of their democracy.

Different researchers and scholars have long ago disproven the premise of this argument. As Ambassador Yoram Ettinger and others, like Paul Morland of Birkbeek College at the University of London, have amply documented, there is in the foreseeable future no demographic danger to Israel shouldshe hold on to all her G-d given land.*

If they are sotroubled by the fears they repeatedly voice - that the Arabs have more children will soon outpopulate them, then why do they not demand an end to the abortions rob Jewish parents of hundreds of thousands of Jewish babies? No. While they ad nauseum complain about the Arabs having more offspring and what a threat this poses, they remain the fiercest upholders of a woman's right to abort her own Jewish baby. What hypocrisy!

So, let's call a spade a spade. It is mainly because the Left hates what is truly Jewish -respect for the God of Israel and His Torah and guidelines - that they are willing to buckle under all the pressures of the often non-believing, corrupt and immoral goyim, to do away with Israel's biblical heartland. For they have already turned back in their own personal lives on what is the heart of being Jewish.

When that is forsaken, it can only follow that you are able to forsake also your geographic heart, inheritance and destiny.

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director

International Christian Zionist Center

* See Yoram Ettinger "Freeze of Jewish Construction in Judea and Samaria: Peace or Appeasement Enhancer"

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