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Orphanage Israel

Tamar Fogel, a light unto the Jewish Nation

March 25, 2011

By Nurit Greenger

Much, but not enough, was written and said about the murder of the Fogel family in Itamar. After watching the interview with the surviving daughter, Tamar, (, it hit me hard. I realized that for the past 63 years Israel has become an orphanage to many of its citizens. Also, the State of Israel has become an orphan. It has lost Israeli -Jews who have died in the ongoing wars and of Arab atrocities, while they were defending the land and building, nurturing and parenting the State they love. It is not only Tamar Fogel and her siblings, 8 year old brother Ro'ee and two year old brother Yishai, who have become orphans, it is also the entire Nation of Israel. The nation has lost a family who, unequivocally, parented the Jewish Homeland.

Beautiful Tamar is only 12 year old; she has smarts and wisdom that most grown-ups do not posses. More so, she possesses that unconditional love her late parents had for the State of Israel-the only homeland for all Jews. That love was passed onto Tamar to nurture, preserve and pass onto others.

Tamar's ability to speak out and what she has to say is mesmerizing. A child who can lead a nation.

The most important 'thing' to her parents, Udi and Ruth, was the Jewish Nation's cohesiveness and unity. That all the Nations' members will live in harmony. "We must be unified," she say. "We must not quarrel and have no strife."

Tamar believes, thus speaks in heartfelt true Zionist language, that "This incident (losing her parents to such heinous terror act) and everything that happens to the Jewish Nation will not break us. We will continue to build our homeland. They want to bleak us but they will not succeed."

Only five years ago the Fogel family was part of Gush Katif disengagement, part to the massive expulsion of Jews by other Jews, which is a hideous stain on modern Jewish history. The Fogel family were evacuees from the Village Netzarim in Gush Katif. But their spirit did not shrivel. They did not resist the expulsion, rather said, "We are leaving; we will not fight against our brothers." If this is not heroism, patriotism and the love for the Jewish homeland and its people and the acceptance of the wrongs over the rights, then what is?

Before the expulsion, Ruth Fogel was planning to prepare a large sign saying: "Shake off the dust! Arise! Put on your splendor clothes, my nation." Delivering his eulogy at the Fogel's funeral, Ruth's brother added: "What did we ask for? That David Ben Yishai (King David) will arrive? Why is it so complicated? Let this not be a confusion?"

התנערי (כבר) מאפר. קומי, ליבשי בגדי תפארתך עמי! מה כבר ביקשנו? שדוד בן ישי (דוד המלך) כבר יבוא? מה זה כל כך מסובך? שלא יהיה בלבול!

As if the Fogel family says to the Jewish Nation: This will not break us; we will rise up, flourish and will continue to grow. We will continue to build and expand our land.

But in response to Prime Minister Netanyahu, who told her while attempting to console her: "They kill us, we build. We are building always expanding," Tamar had a clear message to Israel's leadership. "NO! It is not as if we are just building and expanding. We are building and then we are evacuating all the time. We are building and then we are destroying what we have built. And it is not only the evacuation that is the problem, it is also that it causes a strife between brothers." And for what? To appease Israel's staunch enemies and the International community, all in cahoots to see the State of Israel vanish?!

The young lady, who possesses an ancient spirit, has an opinion about Jonathan Pollard as well. The subject bothers her a great deal. "Nothing was ever done about him. He has been incarcerated for twenty-eight years and no one is there for him. The State of Israel neglected him after all that he had done for it. All he did is helped us! He is a Tzaddik (Righteous) who, after all he has gone through, does not hate the State of Israel." Truth has been said to resonate.

Tamar Fogel has gone through hell, just because she is Jewish. No child should ever have to face what she had seen and what she will have to face and live with. But Tamar is victorious.

So here we are all lectured by a young, deeply Jewish Zionist, we can all consider a Tzaddikah (Righteous)! Why not listen to a young and untainted mind and learn a vital lesson?

Shouldn't the message Tamar Fogel delivers be posted on the entrance wall of the Knesset and memorized, more so, adhered to? Indeed.

What Tamar Fogel says and what is written here must reverberate throughout the entire world, wherever even one Jew lives.

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