Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vin's Notes on Islamism: Part Nine

Vin Lenco

When Freedom is a Dirty Word

Sharia punishment in Aceh, Indonesia.

On the 12th Of February this year, after 18 days of revolution, President Hosni Sayyid Mubaraks rule of 29 years was over. After some reservations, he decided to listen to the swelling and determined populace and step down from power. The media couldn’t contain itself and splashed headlines like ‘Go Egypt, freedom is sweet’ and ‘Joy as Egypt is free’. From Scotland to Australia to America, the headlines beamed free, free and free.

What Egypt got and what Libya will get is anything but freedom. The very concept of freedom in Islam is nonexistent. As the word ‘Islam’ means submission, there isn’t room for much else at all. Allah does not believe in freedom as it allows for idol worship. In Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Syria, the uprising of people was deemed un-Islamic. Under Islamic or Sharia law, protesting or criticism of the Government is haram (forbidden) and crushing such notions is to be expected, it is Allah’s word.

Qur'an (4:59) - "O you who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority from among you..."

Obedience is strictly limited to the government drawn only from the pool of believers, not from the broader community.

Qur'an (5:49) - "So judge between them by that which Allah hath revealed, and follow not their desires, but beware of them lest they seduce thee from some part of that which Allah hath revealed unto thee".

Here we see that Allah’s law takes priority over a person’s desires. If a Muslims loyalty is divided, this clarifies where the loyalty must fall.

Bukhari says in 89:251 –

Allah's Apostle said, "Whoever obeys me, obeys Allah, and whoever disobeys me, disobeys Allah, and whoever obeys the ruler I appoint, obeys me, and whoever disobeys him, disobeys me."

Muslims will readily tell us that we ‘cherry-pick’ verses from the Koran and that we have misunderstood or misinterpreted the verse. It seems also that the respected Islamic mouthpieces, dictators and Imams etc, must also have it wrong.

Sayyid Qutb (1906 – 1966) in an Egyptian prison.

Cleric Sayyid Qutb, (Egyptian Cleric, author, educator, Islamist, poet, and the leading intellectual of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s and '60s), “It is Allah and not man who rules. Allah is the source of all authority, including legitimate political authority. Virtue, not freedom, is the highest value. Therefore, Allah's law, not men, should govern the society."

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (Iranian religious leader and politician, and leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution): ‘Don't listen to those who speak of democracy. They all are against Islam. They want to take the nation away from its mission. We will break all the poison pens of those who speak of nationalism, democracy, freedom and such things’.

Anjem Choudary (English born former solicitor and proscribed spokesman for the Islamist group Muslims against Crusaders): ‘Nowadays, people worship idols which are more intellectual - like democracy, liberalism, freedom and so on. So these need to be destroyed as well, and replaced with worshipping and obeying Allah’.

Abu Bakar Bashir (Godfather of Indonesian Terror Group Jemaah Islamiyah), The west is trying to weaken Islam from within with ideas like secularism, freedom, liberalism and democracy. This is all designed to contaminate our pure Islam.

You can readily find video of Muslims protesting in adopted nations, like Britain and countries of Europe screaming ‘freedom, go to hell’ and ‘democracy, go to hell’. The irony is that they are able to assemble and protest and say such things as they live in a free society. These protests normally call for the implementation of Sharia Law, which further hinders human rights and freedoms.

Under Sharia Law, you are free to have your limbs ‘cross amputated’ (opposing leg and hand), if you steal something. Al Shabab executed such justice on three teenagers last week. A large crowd assembled and watched as ‘masked men with long knives’, performed the amputations. Al Shabab is the biggest organization confronting Somalia’s transitional federal government. The group already carried out public execution, amputations and flogging in southern parts of the country.

All across the Islamic world a raped woman is free to be hung or stoned or imprisoned for life. The ‘justice’ isn’t handed down based on a jury of 12 of her peers, but in her lack of providing 4 pious male adult Muslim witnesses.

In the USA and the UK, the lawmakers believe the lies told to them that Sharia is about justice in divorce and inheritance. Islam commands that a woman receives half of the inheritance of a man, though that hasn’t stopped merry old England opening over 100 Sharia Courts. No fewer than a dozen US states have anti –Sharia legislation on the table and CAIR is there fighting them, every step of the way.

Make no mistake, Islamic Law and the freedoms that we enjoy today ARE in polar opposite of each other. As the English Philosopher Bertrand Russell said, ‘Freedom in general may be defined as the absence of obstacles to the realization of desires’

Vin Ienco.
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