Monday, August 29, 2011


Jerry Della Femina

Cute headline. I heard it yesterday on ABC radio. I knew Qaddafi's hours were numbered when Barack Obama interrupted his vacation to say, "Muammar Qaddafi needs to acknowledge that he no longer controls Libya." If that isn't "leading from behind," what is?

Now let's set some ground rules for this column.

If you're an Obama Democrat, do us both a favor and stop reading this. Yes, I know you're "disappointed" in him, but that doesn't add up to diddly-squat. You're going to vote for him again, and nothing you read here, or anywhere for that matter, is going to change that.

So go away. Don't read another word. All this is going to do is give you heartburn. It will make your blood pressure go up. And you'll go into a rage that is bad for your health. So stop reading right this second and just move over to one of the many great things to read in this newspaper.

And don't go sneaking back to read this article and then write this newspaper or me a nasty e-mail. There is nothing as ridiculous as a person who picks up a free publication, reads a column by someone he or she can't stand, and then writes a nasty letter and doesn't have the guts to sign his name.

So scat. Are they gone? Good. Now we can talk.

I want to fill you in on the latest liberal "let's give Obama another four years to destroy the country" tactic.

Last weekend I had conversations with three good friends of mine who are Liberals. I mean Liberals with a capital "L."

The kind of bleeding heart Liberals who would give away the shirt off your back.

You know, the kind of dippy Liberals who end every conversation with, "Yes, but in a larger sense, aren't we all guilty?"

And after the usual "I'm disappointed with Obama" act, my friends then said Obama's failures are being caused by racism.

So get ready. The race card is being played as the reason why the worst United States President since Jimmy Carter has failed in everything he has touched.

The race card. How dare they swoop so low?

My wife, the beautiful Judy Licht, had a great answer for the man playing the Obama race card at a recent dinner party.

She simply said: Are you telling me the 53% who voted for Obama, many of whom were thrilled to be part of this great moment in our history and elect a black man to be President of the United States, have all just turned racist? You must be kidding.

Playing the race card is a despicable, cynical and desperate act.

Just look at how ultra-liberal Ed Schultz fraudulently used it on MSNBC the other night. Schultz used a deceptive edit to misinform his audience about the content of Gov. Rick Perry's speech in Iowa. Perry used the term "a black cloud of debt hanging over America." Schultz cut the words "of debt" out of the speech and then claimed Perry was a racist and President Obama was the "black cloud" that Perry was referring to.

All of my many Democrat friends are in a tizzy. The biggest lie is to themselves when they say, "I would vote for someone else, but whom?" Then they tell a funny, nasty story about Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin, neither of whom I believe will be running against Obama.

Then they blame Republicans for the mess in Washington, but conveniently fail to remember that as of now, two-thirds of Obama's term as President has been with a Democratic Senate, a Democratic House of Representatives and a Democratic President.

The fact is in the first two years of Obama's administration, he could have been able to pass any job-stimulating bill he wanted to pass. Instead, he sold out to the unions. Turned off the small business sector. Started a class war against the rich and single-handedly invented the Tea Party when he and Nancy Pelosi pushed a health care bill down the throats of the majority of Americans who didn't want it.

And yet his biggest disaster is not his domestic policy. It's his foreign policy mistakes, and they're unfolding right now and will cost us the Middle East.

Say what you will about every President before Obama. They stood firm in their total support of Israel.

Obama gave Israel the cold shoulder from the day he took office. He went hat-in-hand to Cairo in 2009 and made a speech to the Arab and Muslim world and sought a partnership. They laughed at him behind his back and decided he was weak and Israel was now vulnerable.

Here's what he's achieved so far:

Today Israel and Egypt are lobbing shells at each other. Who knows what kind of government we are going to wind up with in Libya and Syria. What will Obama do when Saudi Arabia is threatened? In the end the only country that will eventually benefit from the so-called Arab Spring is Iran, which owes so much of its existence to that last horrible American President, the blond, blue-eyed and incompetent Jimmy Carter.

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