Monday, August 29, 2011

Terror Attack in Tel-Aviv, At Least 7 Wounded, Attacker Caught

CHALLAH @ The Jerusalem Post

An Arab man driving a stole taxi smashed into a crowd of people outside of the Haoman 17 nightclub in south Tel Aviv. The suspect ran over two people, then exited the vehicle and began stabbing others, police said. The incident took place on Tel Aviv's Abarbanel Street. .The suspect was captured by a team of Border Police officers on the scene. He was taken to the Wolfson Medical Center with light injuries. Large numbers of police are on the scene.

Police said the taxi used to ram victims had been stolen earlier.

"This looks like a terror attack," a police source told The Jerusalem Post.

Of the injured, one was stabbed in head and stomach and is in grave condition; others moderately/lightly wounded. One of the wounded is in "unstable" condition.

There was a party taking place at the nightclub at the time of the incident.
Palestinians Israel Tel-Aviv Terrorist Attack
Source Rotrnik

The first reports of the incident came to Magen David Adom and the police around 1:30am.

Eyewitness say that the attacker shouted "Allahu Akbar" during the attack.

Carl is reporting that "Israel Radio now reporting that the terrorist came from Shchem (Nablus), that he stole the taxi in Jaffa."

Authorities (Israel Police and Israel Security Agency aka Shin Bet) have begun reviewing the data on nearby security cameras. Police are on the scene, including a helicopter.

Israel's Police Chief is currently headed to the scene of the attack. Police still believe this was a terrorist attack.
B = Haoman Nightclub

Israel's Channel 2 is confirming the Israel Radio report that the attacker was from Nablus. Haaretz also confirms the attacker was Arab from Nablus.

Israel's Channel 2 is now reporting that the attacker stabbed the owner of the taxicab after entering the cab.

Tel-Aviv District Commander says that the attack was definitely an "act of terror."

Source: Maariv
The party at the nightclub was to celebrate the end of summer, many youth were reportedly present.

There were warnings that an attack may occur, but nothing concrete.

After taxicab was stolen, a report was issued, then the attacker went through a checkpoint and police realized they had serious incident. However, they believe mass casualty event has been prevented.

Israeli Police believe that over 1,000 youth were at the party. According to Haaretz around 2,000 youth were present.
A = Nablus, B = Haoman Night Club

It appears that the two people who were run over were police officers.

Israeli Police have confirmed this was a terrorist attack carried out by 25 year old Palestinian Arab from Nablus.

Five of the wounded are police officers.

Israel Radio is now reporting that the attack was planned around the youth party at the nightclub.

Israel's Police Chief says that his forces were preparing for an attack like this. They believed attack would occur near end of Ramadan. There has been increased deployment in recent days.

In order to avoid panicking those at the party, the DJ was instructed to continue playing music for about an hour, until the scene outside the club was calmer. Once everything settled down outside, the youth were evacuated from the club.

The Haaretz report now includes this:

Benny Shai, one of the club's employees who was outside the club at the time of the attack said, "We saw the taxi run into the barrier and we ran to help. We thought it was an accident." He added that the event taking place in the nightclub "was a big party and I don't want to know what would have happened if the terrorist had managed to enter or even get close to the entrance of the club and carry out his attack there."

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