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Kosher Chaim

One other technique to introduce Israel and Judaism in the light of truth
Teaching Israel and Judaism Through the Dance
Nurit Greenger | June 28 2013
Keshet Chaim, which means the bow, or rainbow, of life, is an American-Israeli, not for profit, contemporary dance ensemble company, dedicated to teach the spirit of Israeli culture and Judaism. (
Founded in 1983, Keshet Chaim presents original choreography which fuses contemporary Israeli dance with traditional Jewish folk dance from across the Diaspora, where Jews were dispersed. By using multi-ethnic Jewish culture roots Keshet Chaim combats prejudice and anti-Semitism through entertainment, community outreach, children's workshops, and professional development dance education, throughout the world.
 Keshet Chaim dancers.JPG Keshet Chaim dancers
This week, at the Gindi Auditorium, at American Jewish University, hosted by Yafit Josephson, the star of the much publicized one woman play 'New Eyes' and the performance of the upcoming singing star Meshi Kleinstein, daughter of the famous Israel singer Rita, the dance ensemble celebrated its 30th anniversary in a Behind The Scenes Keshet@30 fund raising concert.
Host Actress Yafit Josephson and character Mealk Cow Fran Amkraut A.jpgHost Actress Yafit Josephson and character Mealk Cow Fran Amkraut
Meshi Kleinstein [3].JPG  Meshi Kleinstein
The dance company, made of Israelis, Americans of Israeli parents and dancers who fell in love with the Jewish-Israeli culture and the ensemble's ethos, operates under the belief that cultural diffusion and dissemination of artistic values are key to the betterment of society. The company's mission is to preserve and extend the heritage of ethnic dance and music, found in the diverse communities of theJewish Diaspora.
Guests actress Shirley Jones and husband Marty Ingels (1A).jpg Guests actress Shirley Jones and husband Marty Ingels
With the ongoing efforts of Genie BensonExecutive DirectorEytan Avisar, Founder and Artistic Director, Kobi Rozenfeld, Assistant Artistic Director and Choreographer, Gitit Kohavie, Assistant Choreographer, Leah Bleiweis,Administrator and Cecilia HanonoEducation Director, Keshet Chaim has been entertaining audience around the world for 30 years, inspiring appreciation of diversity, creating excitement and curiosity about Israeli and Jewish culture and most of all catching ongoing praise by all.
May Keshet Chaim's members continue being on other light unto the nations.


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