Saturday, July 27, 2013

Benghazi Mom Responds to Obama’s “Phony Scandals” Crack: “My Son is Dead. How Could That be Phony?”

Daniel Greenfield 

Obama once called the dead in Benghazi “bumps in the road”. Bumps in the road that were not optimal. In his speech, he dismissed the investigation of Benghazi by Congress as a waste of time and a “phony scandal.”
Now Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, who was murdered in the attack has a response for Obama.
Pat Smith has had some harsh words for Obama in the past.
“I believe that Obama murdered my son,” she said Thursday from the living room of her Clairemont home. “I firmly believe this.”
Patricia Smith, who voted for Obama in 2008 at the insistence of her son, is now blaming President Barack Obama for her son’s death.
Until I find out anything, Obama killed my son, my only child, the one who was going to take care of me when I’m old,” Patricia Smith said.
Smith’s view echoes that of Charles Woods, father of Tyrone Woods, the 41-year-old former Navy SEAL from Imperial Beach who died fighting in Benghazi.
Charles Woods appeared on Fox News shows over the weekend to denounce decisions made by U.S. officials during the Libya attack.
“I’m a retired attorney, and I know that these actions legally do not constitute murder. But in my mind the people in the White House, all of them who have authority to send in reinforcements to prevent what they knew was going to be the death of my son, are guilty of murdering my son.”
The Obama Administration has retaliated her by keeping her out of events honoring her son, claiming she isn’t immediate family.

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