Friday, August 02, 2013

NYPD’s Ray Kelly celebrates Ramadan pandering to Muslims at mosque

Couldn’t find this on the NYPD site but it’s gone viral in dar al Islam. via New York’taki Müslüman Polisler, Eyüp Sultan Camii’ndeki İftarda Buluştu. (goog translation)

Hilmi Turan Kökcüoğlu-New York City

Director Raymond Kelly and his NYPD Police Muslim Officers Association members of the New York City Police Department (NYPD Muslim Officers Society), New York, Brooklyn Eyup Sultan Mosque iftar with Muslim community came together.

New York City Police Department (NYPD) Director Raymond Kelly, also attended the program started with the recitation Quran before Ramadan.
NYPD speech program manager Raymond Kelly, program organizers invited the satisfaction that he individually thanked everyone said.

Kelly pointed out that the beauty and goodness of the month of Ramadan, “thank you very much for the kindness and beauty of the United States are projecting.” He said.

The presence of the Muslim community in New York, New York provides a great benefit to the city expressing Kelly, “you provide a helpful atmosphere. Both New York City, “a New York Police Departman’ına both give great support. Your contributions serious decline in crime rates in New York was with. “He said.
Later that provides outstanding performance in services certificates of appreciation were presented to some of the Muslim policemen. Meanwhile, some Muslim police officers who spoke to the importance of these associations, highlighting the beauty of unity and togetherness. Read more »

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