Thursday, June 07, 2007

OK-so I got angry-a reply to a good friend of America:

Superb series of pieces on today's site-this is the kind of pro activity we need. We need to hold the leader's feet to the fire-we need to use human emotion-intellectual arguments are always out done by emotion. Now, as an academic, I am not saying we should only be emotional-I am saying we need to consider shifting our tactics. In war, correct me if I am wrong, a good leader changes tactics if the current ones are not satisfactory-the goal and terminal objective(s) remain the same, but a shift in tactics is required. I suggest this is what we must do. The piece by the officer who is tired is brilliant-we need more of these stories. He is not tired to fight, he is tired of lazy and spoiled americans who have the luxury of sitting 10,000 miles away and criticize. We need the existing military to step up and speak out.

I am not tired of leaders and spoiled americans, I am angry with them. Channeling my anger into written pieces, into conferences, media events that say just this message is needed. I am going to write a powerful piece slamming Americans who are unable, code for lack of courage and conviction, to support our country in time of war. I will ask them what do they mean they are tired-have they been pulling 12 hour shifts in the sands of Iraq, are they the ones who go on patrol without knowing if they will return? I will ask them how they can be tired watching a tv every day in the comfort of their living rooms, drinking a beer, having a glass of wine-this is tiring? I will ask them precisely what are they tired of and why are they so tired?

Sorry, General, I protest too much in this message. Americans should live here in Israel with an enemy 9 miles away, with communities being bombed every day, with a religious fanatic within missile reach of my house who has said he will kill me-you want to know tired, walk in our soldiers boots, live in my home for 6 months-then tell me what tired is. It is past time to treat my American citizens as the little spoiled children they have become. Gas prices too high-we pay $6/gallon, our teachers are paid $1000/month and they work 6 days a week-we do not have Roth IRA's or 401K's-we cherish one another and each time one of our soldiers is killed, maimed or wounded, we mourn this soldier as if he or she is a family member. My message to america is "suck it up", you have such a life of convenience, how can you be so tired?

all the best,
gs don morris, ph.d.

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