Friday, June 08, 2007

Do not believe any thing Olmert says regarding support in Israel to return the Golan-here is the most recent data. Please speak the truth and use actual real numbers-do not become a mini-Olmert groupie:

A more recent poll, carried out this week by Teleseker for Maariv, shows that a full 84% of the public opposes a full withdrawal from the Golan . Some 44% oppose a withdrawal from any part of the Golan Heights, and 40% said they support only a partial withdrawal.

Olmert’s Folly: Peace with Syria by giving up the Golan!!
by Jerry Gordon

The stunning news Thursday of Olmert’s peace initiative with ‘young reckless Assad” in Damascus has roiled Israel. Olmert wants to give back the Golan in exchange for what many of believe is a less than Biblical bowl of porridge-meaning nothing.

The news reports lend the impression that something is completely out of kilter in the flagging Kadimah government. Cabinet Ministers like Herzog applaud it, while Peretz, amazingly still Defense minister, say that the IDF may be prepared for actions if peace initiatives fail points to IDF field maneuvers simulating an attack by Syria on the Golan heights. And this is the ‘genius’ who oversaw the debacle in Lebanon last summer, the strategic ‘defeat’ by Hamas and Islamic Jihad ‘rocketeers’ in the Western Negev and can’t even go home to his home community, Sderot, as a result of his and Kadima’s incompetent leadership.

In some circles, what I call Olmert’s folly-actually Israel’s denouement- may be the result of behind the scenes manipulation of our ‘brilliant’ State Department eager for regional ‘rapprochement’ with terrorist states like Syria to ‘isolate” Mad Mahdist Ahmadinejad in Tehran. Yet others believe this is a desperate attempt to remain ‘in power’ under the corrupt party list system in Israel by reaching out to the extreme left in the Labor/Meretz Knesset contingent who are afflicted with post-Oslo syndrome-irrational strivings for peace with your killers.

It is now time for Israel PM Olmert and his Kadima Coalition government to dissolve. The public and MK’s in Israel are furious with Olmert’s announced intentions to give away the strategic Golan annexed in 1999 to the the prime backers of terrorism and murder in the region, Syria. Even our State Department ‘diplobabble’ comments yesterday “about we don’t make foreign policy for Israel’ during strategic alliance meetings with former Minister of Defense and IDF COIS Shaul Mofaz indicate that this move is stupid. But then State has been known to engage in duplicity-talking out of both sides of its mouth simultaneously.

But is Bibi any better when he states that Israel would ‘hold onto Mt. Hermon’, and cede the rest of Golan to Syria. He’s lost any credibility with that remark. And as far as the extreme left in the Knesset, Meretz, urging on ‘faster action’-perhaps they will dissolve forever in a snap election for their traitorous posturing.

Olmert is ‘deaf’ to the polling numbers in vast opposition to this desperate bid. He is ‘dumb’ about Syria’s military support of Hezbolleh in Lebanon and Islamic Jihad and Hamas ‘military wings’ in Damascus and Gaza, as well as close partnership with Ahmadinejad and the objective of wiping Israel ‘off the map of the world.’ He is ‘blind’ to the raging battle in Syrian- backed al Qaeda groups in WNRA Palestinian Camps in neighboring Lebanon - a diversion from tribunals investigating the murder of late Lebanese PM Hariri by Syrian agents.

As many of us have written, Syria is a supporter of Sunni insurgencies in neighboring Iraq, oppresses its own significant Kurdish minorities and dissident groups and has a vast and dangerous bio weapons industry.

It is time to give Olmert and the Kadima Coalition incompetents the boot. They have put Israel in mortal danger and don’t deserve a further nanosecond in control of the country’s destiny. I urge many of you to contact the regional Consuls Generals of Israel in the U.S. and Canada and let them know in no uncertain terms that Olmert’s desperate initiative is folly and tantamount to Israel’s destruction.

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