Thursday, June 26, 2008

France: Muslim father demands, receives, removal of crucifix from hospital room

Cultural Collapse Update: "Muslim Father Demands Removal Of Crucifix From French Catholic Hospital Room," from Covenant Zone, June 24 (thanks to Paul), where this item from the French newspaper Le Figaro is translated:

After vehement demands, a muslim obtained the removal of a crucifix hanging from the wall of the room of a Catholic clinic in Bourgoin-Jallieu (Isère) where his daughter was being treated… Monday afternoon, at the Saint-Vincent de Paul clinic, the father of a young girl, who had just underwent scheduled preventative surgery, demanded that personnel unfasten a crucifix from his daughter’s room.

"For almost 15 minutes, the father, in the presence of his wife, verbally ranted, demanding that the crucifix be taken down", reported a witness. The establishment’s personnel eventually gave in to this demand.

The management of the clinic expressed their astonishment. The director of the clinic, Marie-Thérèse Besson, declared that this demand was "surprising [given that it’s] from a family that freely chose our establishment."

"When people choose to be treated in our establishment… they know that they are in a Catholic maternity hospital", she added.

Oh, I'm quite sure they know.
Thanks Dhimmi Watch

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