Monday, June 30, 2008

PA Glorifies Child-Murderer Kuntar

Hana Levi Julian

The Palestinian Authority leadership considers Lebanese arch-terrorist Samir Kuntar to be the epitome of the "ideal" PA prisoner, according to a report by the Palestinian Media Watch. Kuntar, commander of a unit that attacked Nahariya in 1979, was convicted for the murders of four Israelis, including two toddlers. He has been serving four consecutive life terms in prison. The Lebanese Druze operative is likely to be freed from an Israeli prison within days if Hizbullah signs a prisoner swap deal for the return of the remains of IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, approved by the Cabinet on Sunday.

On one hand, said PMW, Kuntar embodies what the PA deems the "heroism" of terrorists fighting Israel. On the other hand, he is also the ultimate symbol of all terrorist prisoners who have murdered Israelis and will eventually be freed by future kidnappings or through some other means.

According to a 1979 Maariv newspaper report, Kuntar first shot Israeli civilian Danny Haran on the Nahariya beach and drowned him in front of Einat his 4-year-old daughter. Kuntar then turned his attention towards the 4-year old. He took his rifle and then swung it across the toddler's head, knocking her to the ground. He, then laid her head on a rock and beat her on the head until her skull was crushed and she was dead.

The Palestinian Authority has made a special effort through its media to champion the cause of terrorism, indoctrinating even the youngest children toward a culture of becoming heroes through death -- their own and the deaths of those they murder.

PA TV lionizes those who deliberately seek "shahada" (martyrdom), even children. An example of such an instance is shown in the above vido clip. (Can't see the video? Click here. )

Kuntar bludgeoned four-year-old Eynat Haran to death, crushing her skull with rocks and his rifle butt after first killing her father before her eyes. He was also responsible for the death of her infant sister, who was accidentally suffocated as she hid with her terrified mother in a closet during the attack in Nahariya, in which two policemen were killed as well.

PA TV, controlled by PA Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), has broadcast a picture in Kuntar's honor, depicting the bloodthirsty terrorist beside a map of Israel completely covered by the PA flag. The Olmert and Bush administrations consider Abbas to be a moderate. He previously has promised to halt incitement of violence against Israel.

In a recent letter to Hizbullah chief terrorist Hassan Nasrallah, Kuntar vowed to continue his path of terror after his release.

Hizbullah Celebrates 'Victory', Promises More Terror
Lebanese sources report that families and home villages of the prisoners to be released in exchange for the kidnapped soldiers are "feverishly" preparing their welcome.

One young woman was photographed in Sidon under a banner depicting the soon-to-be-freed Kuntar. The young woman declared passionately that she would "not leave the spot until Kuntar comes here himself."

Hizbullah terrorist-backed Al Manar TV has broadcast around the clock since Israel's Cabinet voted Sunday to approve the prisoner swap deal.

"Today the promise of the resistance was kept… In a few more days Kuntar will put all his years in jail behind him… Our prisoners are freed not by words and not by diplomacy or tears and kisses… Only blood liberated the land and liberates man."

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