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rom Israel at the Crossroads

by Arieh Stav (Ariel Center for Policy Research Publishers, 1997) Reprinted courtesy of the Ariel Center for Policy Research


We find it rather surprising that you chose to make Middle East peace a priority, considering the many challenges before you, one need hardly enumerate them. Many of your predecessors have tried and failed, not because peace is not possible or desirable, in our region. They failed because theyignored or chose to ignore the core obstacle to peace, namely Arab intransigence and hostility towards our people and our state.

"Land for Peace" and the "Two State Solution" are code words for eliminating Israel in stages (See Phased Plan Resolution, Cairo, June 9, 1974). "Two states living side by side in peace," sounds positive and reasonable, for people, who do not understand the core problems.

Israel is a small country. Including Judea and Samaria (and now, no longer including Gaza) it consists of all of 10,801 square miles. The Arabs, on the other hand possess among their 22 states 5,300,000 square miles. The map above says it all.

There is simply no room for two viable states on our land.

Please note: UN Resolution 242, makes no reference to "a Two State Solution" nor to a "Palestinian" People. Resolution 242 followed the Arab war of intended annihilation against Israel in 1967. In defeating the combined forces of Egypt, Syria and Jordan, Israel retook Judea and Samaria, which had been illegally annexed by Jordan in 1948.

UN resolution 242 merely recommends - among others - withdrawal to "secure and recognized borders" in the context of total peace. In respect to that recommendation, I would draw your attention to a 1967 memorandum by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff in response to a request by then President Lyndon Johnson for their assessment of the "minimum territory Israel might be justified in retaining in order to permit a more effective defense against possible conventional Arab attack and terrorist raids." As stated by the Joint Chiefs, none of whom were reported to be Zionists, and signed by their chairman, General Earle G. Wheeler, the memorandum declared that "minimal defensible borders, based on acceptable tactical principles" would require Israel to hold on to all of Judea south of Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, key portions of Sinai, the Golan Heights and most of Samaria, contiguous with a thickening of the Jerusalem corridor.

Mr. President, nothing has really changed in this violent and dangerous region. Anyone who expects Israel to give up Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights is expecting our nation to commit suicide!

The Jewish People's right to the Land of Israel, recognized and confirmed by all 52 members of the League of Nations in San Remo, Italy in 1920, is encoded in American law. It was reaffirmed by the Anglo-American convention on Palestine, ratified by the US Senate and proclaimed by President Calvin Coolidge on December 5, 1925. This treaty remains in force today as the supreme law of the land. Moreover, the Jewish settlement rights recognized at San Remo included all of the territory east of the Jordan River, arbitrarily handed over to the Hashemite clan by Britain in clear violation of its Mandatory obligations. It comprised 78% of the land projected by the Balfour Declaration for the creation of a national Jewish homeland. The Jewish people have no intention of turning back the clock, but if "occupied land" is the favorite subject of our enemies and ill-wishers, let it be known that 80% of our prescribed national Jewish homeland is currently "occupied" by Jordan.

The Arabs who now belatedly refer to themselves as "Palestinians"have been mercilessly exploited by an Arab world that can think of them in no terms other than as a gun aimed at Israel's head. While we in Israel hope for a better future for them, resettled as citizens rather than perpetual "refugee" hostages in the Arab states in which they now reside, we will remain vigilant and ever ready to defend our people and our patrimony.

Again, we wish you Mr. President and the American people well.


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