Sunday, January 25, 2009

Really, never in America? "New York sheikh Khalid Yasin in Holland: Wilders must be flogged as punishment"

Will Yasin be tried for "hate speech"? Don't hold your breath. Geert Wilders has just sent this Dutch-language update on this story: "Haatprediker: Geert Wilders met geseling bestraffen," from Elsevier, January 24. A rough translation: Hate Preacher: Punish Geert Wilders with Flogging

THE PVV [Freedom Party] of Geert Wilders wants clarification from the cabinet concerning a speech that the Islamic hate preacher Khalid Yasin made Friday at the Islamic University of Rotterdam. The controversial sheikh said there that Geert Wilders must be punished with flogging for his "systematic insults" of Muslims and Islam.

Access refused

PVV-Tweede MP Sietse Fritsma wants to debate about that next week with the ministers Ernst Hirsch Ballin (Justice) and Eberhard van der Laan (Integration). With the PvdA and CDA the PVV asked Hirsch Ballin if it were possible to refuse Yasin access to the Netherlands.

Incitement to hatred

The minister answered that it was not possible, but that the Public Prosecution Service (Public Prosecution Service) could detain him, however, if Yasin incited to hatred during his visit. According to the PVV, Yasin is a terrorist and a "malicious man." According to Hirsch Ballin, research has not made it clear that Yasin has in the past made explicit explicit calls to violence.

Well, he has now.

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