Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010-Undo the Ties Connect the Dots and Change the Course!

Nurit Greenger
December 30, 2009

It as been a quandary to me why is there no where to find a morsel of history about a country names Palestine or a Palestinian State?

If there was such entity then who was the previous leader of this mysterious ‘country’ or ‘state’ before Arafat?

Can you possibly define this ‘country’ or ‘state’s’ historical borders?

What was the name of its capitol? What was its national monetary system?

What form of government it had before the terrorist Yasser Arafat invented and took control of this ‘country’ or ‘state’?

Does any museum anywhere in the world hold even one artifact from this ‘country’ or ‘state’? The answers to all these questions are NO, simply not! And please, don’t for one moment refer to or try connect these ‘Palestinians’ to the biblical Philistines; there is no connection whatsoever! After the 1967 Six Day War Arabs, following their anti-Israel political ideology and the quest to bring an end to the State of Israel, came up with the brilliant idea of creating a new Arab nation its people they names Palestinians! Only today we see how brilliant this idea was!

For edification, the name "Palestine" comes, via Greek and Latin, from the ancient Philistines nation.

When dealing with this ‘Palestinian’ issue, here is some history that one must learn and be familiar with: In 732 BC, the ancient Philistines lost their independence to Tiglath-Pileser III of Assyria. Later on, Nebuchadrezzar II of Babylon conquered all of Syria and the Kingdom of Judah, and the former Philistine cities became part of the Neo-Babylonian Empire. There are few references to the Philistines after this time period. However, Ezekiel 25:16, Zechariah 9:6, and I Macabeed 3 make mention of the Philistines, indicating that they still existed as a people in some capacity after the Babylonian invasion. Eventually all traces of the Philistines as a people or ethnic group disappear and subsequently the cities were under the control of Persians, Jews--Hasmonean Kingdom, Greeks-Seleucid Empire, Romans, and subsequent empires that ruled in the region.

I challenge as well as urge every human being on earth to search the history of the people who chose to call themselves “Palestinians.” The known fact is that these “Palestinians” are simply Arabs who arrived to the region, particularly to the Land of Israel, from all parts of the Arab world seeking better economic conditions. For political reason of advancing the war against Jews, since the turn of the 20th Century, the entire Arab world has used and is using these Arabs as a pawn to fight Israel, as part one of the Islamists wider scheme to follow the word of Allah and achieve Islam domination in the world.

With this truth brought to light, there is a need to understand and then make rational of why world political leaders are willing to negotiate with people—first Yasser Arafat and now Mahmoud Abbas-Abu Mazen—who are by far not leaders of a real country or a state but are qualified as terrorists, openly practicing a forked tongue deceiving political agenda?

Arafat then and Abbas now keep on telling the world one thing in English and then turn the microphones to their people and in Arabic tell an about-face story or a totally different story. Because of its advanced technology, the world we live in today seems to be much smaller, and one can no loner fool the masses that easily. The public reads, hears and knows the actual truth that can no longer be camouflaged. So why don’t the politicians do the very same?

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the “Palestinian Authority” (PA), Fatah al-Islam, (The name means Conquest of Islam), known to all as Fatah*, Hamas**, Hezbollah***, and the majority of the Arab world general population agree that the State of Israel must be exterminated, and that their ultimate goal, as commanded by Allah and plainly described in the Qur’an, is to achieve world domination. There are only some minor differences as to how and how fast this goal can be accomplished but the common denominator is one of the same, establishing Islamic world caliphate government inspired under Islam Sha’rah law. If one still doubts my writing, any Islamist will be only glad to provide you with a copy of the Qur’an for you to read and become ‘enlighten.’

The true history of this Arab group, now calling themselves “Palestinians” is so horrific it deserves nothing but the gallows. It is obvious that the Arab world is rewriting history in order to blame it on the Jews.

It is totally unacceptable that the very rich Arab nations do not help their own people to come out of their hopeless condition. But reality is that they do not wish to help their brethren. They want them to remain serving as the front line force active in destroying Israel. They fund these terrorists; they incite them with more hate and supply them with rockets and weaponry to use against the State of Israel as part of their advancement for world domination. Israel is on the front line to stop their goal.

Hamas is not only at war with Israel it terrorizes daily but it also systematically and brutally murders its own people and Fatah members. It appears as if the world accepts Arabs killing Arabs and Arabs killing Jews, but it is no at all accepting that Jews, forced to defend themselves, kill Arabs.

What happened to most of the Christian-Arabs once lived in these ‘Palestinian’ areas? The ‘Palestinians’ desecrated the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, Christian and Jewish graves, the Jewish Holy sites. Anything that is not Muslim does not stand a chance to be respected! On second thought, perhaps the fashionable choice is not to want to know or face the truth.

The most amazing part of it all is how easy it was for the Arabs, calling themselves Palestinians, to feed their lies and history revision to the world and the media, liberals, the ‘enlightened’ Liberals and the Leftist activists and many politicians have been helping the Muslims to spread their deception and advance their goal. How can any of them look themselves in the mirror when they know they deny the truth to be told, thus openly support the agenda of ruthless despotism, and jihadism. After all Islam, that is by far not a ‘religion of peace,’ rather it is at war with the entire non-Muslim world and since the time of their Prophet Muhammad Muslims have slaughtered some 270 million human beings and they are still ferociously at it.

It is time to take off the fig leaf, leave the Garden of Eden and enter the real world where, the non-Muslim world must fast arrive at the realization that it has one major problem, which is Islam Jihad and that Jihadist forces are about to acquire nuclear weapons if mass destruction.

Is it out of fear the world chose to hide behind its anti-Semitic in the guise of anti-Israel resistance blaming Israel and Jews for all of world’s follies and perils, while ignoring reality and facts, or it is insanity that drives the choice of so many to be blind to their own demise?

It will be best that the majority begins making history! If the non-Muslim world does not immediately forcefully, and with heavy hand, deal with Iran and North Korea nuclear proliferation, Yemen as a terrorism training grounds and piracy hub, and the cancerous world jihads the legacy of those calling themselves world leaders, such as Barak Hussein Obama, the European Union as a whole, Russia, China and the current United Nations Organization will be all about a nuclear WWIII!


*A radical Sunni Islamist group that first formed in November 2006 and has been described as a militant jihadist movement that draws inspiration from al-Qaeda, became very well known in May 2007 and June 2007 after engaging in combat against the Lebanese Army in the Nahr al-Bared UNRWA Palestinian refugee camp, which, on August 9, 2007, the United States Department of State classified as a terrorist organization

** Meaning "Islamic Resistance Movement," the Palestinian terrorist wing of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, created in 1987 at the beginning of the First Intifada, which is an uprising against Israeli rule in the “Palestinian Territories”

*** Literally "Party of God," a Shi'a terrorist Islamist political and paramilitary organization based in Lebanon

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