Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some in the Political Class Lie, Deceive, Manipulate And Rob

Sue Myrick, Congresswoman, North Carolina (R)

This protest happened in September, 2009 but apparently it wasn't enough.

The fraud, deception, deceit and bribery occurring in Washington regarding Senator Ben Nelson's vote for the ‘any' health care bill is standard operating procedure. The way a President, Majority Leader in the Senate and the Speaker of the House of... Representatives do business would land any ‘average' American citizen in prison!I wasn't a Member of Congress long when I learned this lesson. I was not supporting a major piece of legislation - and had been very vocal about it. I received a phone call from the Transportation Committee Chairman's office, who offered me $15 million to help finish Interstate 485 around Charlotte. I had championed that road when I was Mayor and they knew it was important to me. I said my vote was not for sale.

When politicians make such deals, in my opinion, they are compromising the integrity of their constituents who put their trust in them. So, what happened with Senator Ben Nelson from Nebraska, to change his mind about the health care bill, is not new.

First it has been reported that Senator Nelson was threatened by the President that if he did not vote for the ‘any' health care bill, that Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska would be closed. (Change we can believe in?) Then the Senator was offered free Medicaid for Nebraska. (That means that you and the rest of us Americans will be paying for it.)

Playing ‘let's make a deal' with YOUR money is how those politicians flex their power egos and control your life. THINK: 537 people (House, Senate, President, Vice President) control the lives of 308 million Americans - plus those not yet born who will also have to keep on paying the bill.

You are now being lied to, deceived, manipulated and robbed of your hard earned money - money you and your family need. Next - higher taxes. You had better become active now! It's Christmas - they don't think you're paying attention.

This health care bill is a momentous fraud. Those truly needing health care could be covered for a miniscule amount - compared to what this bill will cost you.

Instead the pirates in Washington continue to divide the fruits of your labor.

Only you can stop it. Remember the lone student in China who stood in Tiananmen Square in Beijing in front of a tank? In effect, he was saying ‘give me liberty or give me death'. Obviously here in America it will take tens of millions hitting the streets in protest to stand a chance of stopping this continuing march toward totalitarianism.

Sue Myrick is a Republican Congresswoman from North Carolina

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I for one AM paying attention to all the lies, cramming things down America's throat, and adding to the burdens my family will be forced to carry into their future! I demand to be treated as a voting, thinking AMERICAN - not a communist, socialist, athiest, member of ACLU, or a non-thinking idiot. I demand that good things come from our congress, senate and president - now!

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