Monday, April 26, 2010

PA Factions say No to Peace Talks

Maayana Miskin
A7 News

Eight Palestinian Authority factions meeting in Syria have rejected peace talks with Israel based on the “two-state solution,” according to Kuwaiti media. Among the factions were Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The groups called on the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), the umbrella group that created the PA, to immediately stop talks with Israel. The PA has agreed to indirect talks with Israel, via United States mediators.

The eight factions slammed US negotiators, and accused special U.S. Mideast envoy George Mitchell of seeking to buy time for Israel to implement its own plans.

While the PA is currently run by Fatah, which supports negotiations, Hamas swept the PA parliamentary elections in 2006 and continues to enjoy significant support in Judea and Samaria as well as Gaza. Fatah won only 45 out of 132 seats in the 2006 elections.

Islamic Jihad has a policy of boycotting elections in the Palestinian Authority.

Hamas has called to postpone new PA elections due to the Hamas-Fatah split, which has left Hamas in charge of Gaza and Fatah in control of Judea and Samaria. However, Fatah officials have announced that elections will be held in the course of 2010 with or without Hamas approval.
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Comment: Obama administration, cease the politics-it is getting far too dangerous here for your continued games. Here are the facts: there is not a peace partner in Gaza or the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria-. You can wish there was, you can want one, you can demand one and the data is clear-no one in power is ready to engage in such discussions. Why? It is your fault-they believe,based upon your words and behavior, that they do not have to do any thing, give up any requests and all they have to do is to continue to play the victim, cry foul and you will put more pressure on Israel. Well, as a resident here in Israel, let me tell you we have had enough of your poor defense of foreign policy-we have had enough of our "friend" dictating to us what we know is suicide should we accept-. You either grow up and become an important leader or step aside-it is your choice. We choose to survive and we know what must be done!! As you have recently said, sometimes friends have to speak to one another this way-are you listening now?

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