Monday, February 21, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Political Pilgrims

Jamie Glazov

The Left’s political pilgrimage vis-à-vis totalitarian monstrosities continues unabated. With the Islamo-Fascist Muslim Brotherhood now poised to share governance in Egypt in the post-Mubarak era, progressives worldwide are salivating with glee. And it’s to be completely expected of course: the Left has a long and eerie tradition of worshiping at the feet of tyrants and terrorists. The Muslim Brotherhood is the ideological forebear of Hamas and al-Qaeda. Its top priorities are to implement Sharia law, annihilate Israel, and purify Egypt from American and Western infections with human blood. Naturally, the Left has now found a new target for a political romance. The usual suspects are leading the progressive charge: the notorious Obama fundraiser group Code Pink, the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), A.N.S.W.E.R., and the International Action Center (IAC), founded by Ramsey Clark. These leftist groups are now on the frontlines cheering on the Islamists in Egypt as Khomeini-style killing fields loom ominously on the horizon for the Middle Eastern country. Members of the political faith simply can’t contain themselves from worshiping at the feet of tyrants who are set on perpetrating a mass slaughter and are intent on bringing the carnage to America. Anti-American “feminist” Naomi Klein set the tone perfectly a few years back for her comrades when, in a column in The Nation, she enunciated her heartfelt longing for Muqtada al-Sadr’s killing fields to come to New York.
And so, our Radical-in-Chief is unsurprisingly joining in on the Progressive-Brotherhood love-fest, extending his hand of solidarity to the Muslim Brotherhood and giving the Islamist group a green light to share power in a post-Mubarak Egyptian government.

Obama is, of course, just doing what comes naturally to him, as he revealed his own political romance with radical Islam immediately upon taking office. Back in February 2009, for instance, Obama made sure to reward Hamas for launching rockets into Israeli towns and cities by flirting with the terrorist group and announcing plans to place $900 million of American taxpayers’ money into its blood-soaked hands. The president followed up by going on his own political pilgrimage, traveling to the Middle East in April 2009 to bow in front of the Saudi king. The love affair was brought to a climax two months later, in June 2009, this time when the president traveled to Cairo University to address the Muslim world and invited at least ten Muslim Brotherhood members to attend.

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