Sunday, February 27, 2011

The truth must be spoken...

Nurit Greenger / February 27, 2011

In the conflict the Arab world has with Israel, one side – the Arab side – wants the other side – Israel – dead! If they did not, there will be peace!

Remember this: there has never been, never in the history of the world, a state in that area, in what is known and is geographically called Palestine, that was not Jewish. Modern Israel is the third (3rd) autonomist Jewish state to exist in that area. There was never an autonomist Arab state there, there was never an autonomist Moslem state there, there was never an autonomist any other People state there.

History, archaeology, comparative religion 101, all prove this is the Jewish Nation's land; unfortunately, no one wants to hear it. Regrettably, when exposing the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)/Palestinian Authority (PA)/their political party Fatah/Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies' Islamic ideology, curriculum, political/media rhetoric, which is our #1 job, it falls on deaf ears.

No one is willing to listen to the Jewish People side of the story...

The successful myth, the Arabs, who adopted the baseless name "Palestinians", created about who they are – their invented name and history - their claim to the land and the land's history is one of the greatest con games ever perpetrated. So successful this myth is that when people say "Israel commits genocide" it is incontestably believed, even though, since 1967, the Arab-aka "Palestinian" population has increased approximately 250%. If we do not tie the pretending to be moderates PA/Fatah ideology to Hamas/Hezbollah/Muslim Brotherhood/al Qaeda and point out that they all have the same goal and want the very same, only their tactics differ, we can not only forget about having a Jewish State, we should consider ourselves all dead.

Like in the USA, the citizens of Israel need to have a "Tea Party" (TRUTH NOW-NANA TEA PARTY of ISRAEL) to demand of the Israeli government to redirect its governing policy or else. Israel needs to end the "peace" talks fiasco. Only if and when the PLO/PA/Fatah/ Mahmoud Abbas do a 180 degrees change in their behaviour, then and only then, talks and negotiations will take place. We do not want to hear empty words saying, "we will recognize Israel". That has no meaning in the Moslem culture where lies and deception (Taqiyya) is ideologically and religiously justified, even hailed.

The change Israel wants to see is the one that must permeate the entire PalArabs' society. An entire generation of PalArabs-"Palestinians" must grow up with the know and believe in the ideology that "all men and women are created equal irrespective of religion". All the PalArabs must know and believe that Jews are not the descendants of pigs and apes, thus must be destroyed. That Israel has been the home of the Jewish people only, and Jerusalem its capitol for 3000 years, 2000 years BEFORE the advent of Islam. Also that Jerusalem has never, EVER been the capital of ANY Arab state, of any state, but of the three Jewish autonomies that existed on the land. Note: it is too bad that not only non-Jews, but too many Jews don't know this part of Jewish history.

The message to the ambiguous Israel's leadership and the rest of the biased West is, if and when the PalArabs get their values and their history straight, we can "talk". Each and every one of the Western leaders has a growing "Muslim problem" at home. Why? Because of the Islamic supremacy ideology, the exact same ideology that drives and guides the PalArabs-"Palestinians", including the fake "moderates" PA/Farah/Abbas.

Israel took a huge risk in appeasing the PalArabs-"Palestinians", its results has proven to be a total loss for Israel; continuing this appeasement policy equals to the destruction of Israel.

The question is: Why can't a tiny state, the size of El-Salvador or New Jersey, that calls itself Israel be allowed to exist?

Remember, if you support the PalArab cause you support the demise of Israel and Jews!

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