Friday, September 30, 2011

COP: Valerie Jarrett: Purpose of Government to Give You a Job – It’s a World Vision for the Obama Administration


Note: This short piece plus the video tells you everything you need to know in order to understand Obama's intentional policies that are currently tearing down our freedoms, economy, social fabric and climate to raise families as independent responsible people.

Valerie Jarrett, the luminary of the Chicago Olympic land scam, and known as “the other side of Barack’s brain,” says the purpose of Government is to provide you with a job so that you can take care of your family, and it is a world vision as well. We can’t take care of our own country under Obama’s administration, so what does a “world vision” have to do with jobs in America? See the video below. Here’s a reminder, from the opening lines of a previous post, of how Valerie Jarrett operates, while being so deeply concerned about the less fortunate among us:click here to view

How do you take a housing facility, known as a “preservation for affordable housing,” bearing a $12 million mortgage, designate it for demolition, sell it to the city of Chicago for $1,000.00 and then receive $1 million from a leftist foundation in preparation for the – coming Olympics – which are not coming! Only the “other side of Barack Obama’s brain,” Valerie Jarrett could bring about these miraculous events.

You’ll remember how Barack, Michelle and Jarrett scampered off to Chicago to win the Olympics for the U.S. back in the early days of his reign. It was most unusual to have a president and his staff advocate for the winning Olympic contract, but they did, and Rio walked away with it. The administration and Jarrett had a lot at stake.

Comment: Time for honesty among all Americans. The "change" Obama et al. meant was a fundamental shift in the entire social-economic fabric of America. The "changes" are intentional and consistent with what a few privileged people believe they know what is best for America. They are the audacious ones, ironic is it not given the subtitle of Obama's book. The pundits who state he is ignorant, poor leader etc are incorrect-he is doing precisely what he set out to do.The arrogance of Obama and his sub-set group of policy makers is transcended only by the ignorance of those who fell into his oratory skills-ability to read from a teleprompter. Our system and way of life was not perfect, is not perfect and yet millions of people around the world not only wish for our freedoms, they fight and die for the possibility of having said freedoms. They flock to the USA. Our standard of life was the highest in the history of the world-not any more thanks to shifting socialistic manuvers. I listen to some of my academic friends bitch (oh should i have written complain?) how life is not fair, how their work place and salary is not what it should be. Thus the justification for "starting over". These people "work" 9 months, have to actually teach 9-12 hours a week, have full health,pension, dental etc benefits paid (for many it is for life) have 2-3 months of time to spend as they choose-not a bad life eh?

Most of us 40 and above were able through hard work, personal responsibility and a belief in ourselves, that we could accomplish on our own, created a darn nice life for ourselves and our families. We even identified areas of improvement and worked diligently on making things right for as many as we could.Where inequities owere found, we did our best to make amends. For goodness sake we have the richest "poor" people in the world. It is simply outrageous for those who want to tear down or tear apart our social fabric and I for one want my grand children to have the same experiences I had. This will not happen if we follow the Obama's, Jarett's ,Soros' of the world.

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