Monday, September 26, 2011

Do Liberals Care About Palestinian Racism and Anti-Semitism?

Challah Hu Akbar

The Palestinian cause is increasingly supported by western "progressives" who also claim to be champions for tolerance, pluralism, and minority rights. In order to advocate for the Palestinians, progressives have been too willing to ignore the basic and unfortunate fact that racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism are widespread and accepted in Palestinian society. Below are some images that you won't see -- or even hear about -- in left-wing advocacy for the Palestinians. The restrictions of my blog format do not permit me to share the multiple of visuals found in this original article. Therefore, I ask that you click here in order to view what so many of us have written about, visually presented and told you all about over the last many years. I do challenge those of you who described yourselves as liberals, progressives, independents to examine the images and honestly ask yourself am I willing to let the possibility enter my head, my mind, that those of us who describe ourselves differently might not be incorrect, evil or full of sh.. as I have been told so often. I challenge your sense of fairness, propriety and intelligence to begin to understand the nastiness that we live near every day here in Israel-thank you. For those who are in our camp so to speak, please share this with those who should finally see.

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