Saturday, March 30, 2013

New York: Muslims prove Islam is a religion of peace by handing out flowers

Well, this is a relief! Saudi Muslim students handed out flowers in Times Square to prove that Muhammad's message was one of peace, mercy and love! So all that you have read about Muhammad calling for warfare against non-Muslims, ordering the assassination of his enemies, predicating the coming of the End Times on Muslims killing Jews, and the rest of it, you can forget about it all: Muslims were handing out flowers!

What would happen to a group of Christian students who went to Riyadh and started handing out flowers to explain the message of Christianity? They would be arrested, imprisoned, and possibly killed.
And why would that happen to them? Because of the message of the Muhammad on whose behalf these Muslims were handing out roses, for the same Muhammad whose message was one of mercy, peace and love said: "I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim." (Sahih Muslim 19.4366)
Also: if there were such a group of Christian students handing out roses anywhere to promote the message of Jesus, would CNN care? And why is this report so riddled with grammatical errors? Was CNN so avid to get it online that they couldn't even pause long enough to make sure it was written in proper English?
The whole campaign has a The-lady-doth-protest-too-much-methinks air about it. Christians and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists don't go around handing out flowers to prove that their religions are peaceful. They don't have to, because there aren't armed groups of believers justifying violence worldwide by reference to their scriptures. And no effusion of bouquets will erase the fact that there are Muslims all over the world who are doing just that.
"Voice of Muslim Students," by Sunsetlady for CNN iReport, March 26 (thanks to Blaine):
CNN PRODUCER NOTE Saudi Muslim students in American colleges and universities launched a nation-wide campaign in February called "Mohammed is a Prophet of Mercy: Sharing the language of peace and love". The aim of the campaign is to emphasize the similarities between Muslim and other religions through simple statements of love, said Waleed Ali Aljohani, a medical student who coordinated the New York event. Muslim students carried out the campaign in Times Square on Sunday, March 24. iReporter Sunsetlady says she happened to be in Times Square and shot these photos. - dsashin, CNN iReport producer Muslim students in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and England formed a campaign to explain Prophet Muhammad’s message of peace by giving away roses.
On March 24, a group of students from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yemman, led by Dr. Waleed Ali Aljohani and Ghazi Ali Al-Hassan, carried out the campaign in Times Square.
According to Dr. Aljohani, “After 9/11, a lot of people linked between Islam and violence.
Yeah, especially guys like bin Laden, Zawahiri, and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
We decided as Muslim students to introduce our true religion and show how Islam is a religion of love, mercy and peace by distributing flower with cards stating about love, respect and mercy. We are not asking people to be Muslim but at least we can show what the similarities between Islam and other religions. The similarities between Muslim and other religion, nations and culture are more than different; No reason for Islamophobia. Muslim could be anyone – family, friend, or neighbor. So you can look to what we are sharing together – love, peace and mercy.”

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